The Factors I Considered Choosing A Safety Equipment Supplier

Every business owner in the service-niche industry would agree that meeting customer satisfaction is on the same level as keeping employees safe. These aspects continue to help businesses grow, and I could not help but agree more. Without my employees’ never-ending support and loyalty, my company would not be able to achieve what it has right now. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic placed the world under threat, I took the time and conducted quality checks on the PPE safety gear in our inventory.  Thanks to this, I determined which safety equipment was still in good condition and which products that need restocking. 

The problem, however, is that our go-to supplier for PPE safety gear closed down as they migrated to another country three months before 2020. Before I ran out of safety equipment in Singapore, I decided to go to find another supplier that my cleaning company could rely on to keep my employees safe.  

Never-Ending Trust: Checking Out Their Recommended PPE Safety Gear Supplier

I only found out about their departure when I received a reply after emailing them and mentioned that one of the PPE suppliers they could recommend to me was this supplier for PPE safety gear. They have been their competitors for years, so I can rest assured that they only provide quality safety equipment. 

Since I trusted my previous PPE gear supplier due to our long healthy relationship, I went ahead and checked out the website and contacted the recommended PPE safety gear supplier. I also considered reaching out and ordering from them because my employees would need the PPE safety gear to protect themselves from virus transmission while cleaning residential and commercial places. 

Despite my desperate need for PPE safety gear, I still took the time to consider several factors to guarantee they were the ones who could provide the quality safety equipment that my cleaning company needed. Below are the factors I considered choosing a safety equipment supplier in Singapore.

Offers Various Products

Besides facemasks, my employees would need other safety equipment as they expose themselves to harsh chemicals when cleaning residential and commercial places. Here are the products I ordered from them:

  • Safety shoes
  • Gloves
  • Helmet 
  • Portable gas detector
  • Googles

High-Quality PPE

Besides the added comfort of their PPE safety gear, they also come with water resistance. Some safety shoes in Singapore have shock absorbers and can withstand 120-celsius surface contact. 

Positive Customer Reviews

Since I am meticulous, I also read customer reviews to determine the reputation of the PPE supplier among customers. Reading feedback enabled me to know how good their customer service was. 

Do I Recommend Ansac Technology?

Even though my partnership with Ansac Technology only began in 2020, they never fail to provide quality PPE safety gear. My employees remain safe as they clean residential and commercial places, so my answer to this question is yes. I would recommend Ansac Technology as your next PPE safety gear supplier. 

Contact Ansac Technology at +65 6368 0225 or leave a message on their website if you are interested in their safety boots and others in Singapore.

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