7 Common Air Compressor Issues that Need Repair or Servicing

You may have bought a brand-new or second-hand air compressor from a shop in Singapore for specific reasons. It will require regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness. Heavy use can also subject your air compressor to intense wear and tear. Here are the seven most frequent air compressor issues you need to note.

#1 Air Compressor Machine Failure

The three issues that may necessitate bringing your air compressor for repair to a reliable Singapore shop for service are failure to start or stop and releasing insufficient pressure. One of the primary problems you may have while using an air compressor is that it does not start or stop. It might be the result of a simple oversight. 

#2 Hampering Machine Issues

A motor issue means your air compressor only works efficiently for short periods. Air compressors can also become blocked when sharing a power source with other devices. If the air compressor continues to bog down, it might indicate you need to replace the valve. Look for a reliable air compressor parts supplier in Singapore if you can do the replacement yourself.

#3 Air Leaks

You will know the existence of an air leak if the pressure gauge displays reduced pressure when the tank is full. Look for a hissing sound or run your fingers over the component to feel for air escaping. Sud the connections with soapy water if you cannot find the leak using these procedures. The existence of bubbling will disclose the location of the leak.

#4 Air Flow & Compression Issues

Notice if the air compressors in your Singapore home create too much or too little air or if the pressure can only exceed a specific PSI. You might also have broken components, like the intake valve, pressure valve, gasket, piston seal, or tank check valve. Clogged intake filters and ill-fitting couplers can also cause pressure and flow concerns.

#5 Uncommon Noises & Vibrations

Loud noises and odd sensations might signal several concerns with your air compressor machine. However, you do not need to purchase a new air compressor from the Singapore store. Identify whether the following issues might be causing the noises and vibrations and bring them for repair.

  • Loose Components
  • Defective CrankCase
  • Concerning Pistons
  • Improper Mounting

#6 Oil Concerns

Problems with oil use can badly hurt your air compressor and other machine parts. Ask your air compressor manufacturer which oil supplier in Singapore they recommend the best. Air intake constraints, expired or inverted piston rings, too much lubricant in the tank, and inappropriate oil viscosity are all possible causes of fast-depleting oil.

#7 Emitting Extreme Heat

Overheating air compressors can damage any objects or surfaces they come into contact with. The following factors can cause extreme air heat: dirt accumulation, poor ventilation, worn-out gasket or valves, and restricted air intake. Immediately call a reliable air compressor servicing firm in Singapore to look after your machine.

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