iOS 14 New Features Update: Everything You Need To Know About

iOS 14 with a revamped Home Screen and more is available now. Are you excited to use new features? If you’re an iPhone user, then you might be! It brought a new look to the things you often use, do, and make them easier for you to work with. With a tonne of key features and enhancements, this update has taken away the pain most of the users, and iPhone app Development Companies were troubling with and are eagerly waiting for.

This article is all about the iOS 14 new features and its recently introduced new version. It will put a deep light on its key features, advantages and more. So stay tuned and enjoy the article.

Brand new features of iOS 14 update

Map everything smartly

Maps are no longer just limited to route cyclists, get recommendations for the best places to visit, and find out the most congested places in the city or, can say, in the world. Maps in the iPhone, which are updated in iOS 14, are more than that.

Using the Apple smartwatch, you can see custom cycling voice guidance with an EV charging stops and navigation route. You can plan a trip with your electric vehicle, and the map will automatically show you the endpoint of your destination.

In addition, you can add your favorite spots to visit, and the map will automatically update you about that. Also, as many countries are coming up with new maps, such as Canada and the UK, the upgraded map feature will update you on new places with new routes without any research.

Compact UI

When you receive a call, it will show you a banner rather than showing full screen, so you won’t lose track of what you are working on. The same will be happening at the time of receiving FaceTime calls.

While talking on call, you can view any picture and use any other app. Furthermore, based on your preferences, you can get a wider or smaller picture view and drag it to any phone corner. Apart from that, a developer API is available in iOS 14 so that apps like Skype can support compact incoming calls.

App Library on the Home Screen

The App Library will automatically organize all of your apps into one simple, easy‑to‑navigate view. In addition, app apps will be sorted into categories; for example, there is a different icon for entertainment, different for the social, and different for the productivity apps.

Just use the search bar and get the apps in alphabetical order. The new app library will also show you suggested apps that might be of your interest. On top of all, you can also hide pages to streamline your Home Screen.

Siri has four new voices

Siri has four new voices? Yeah! It’s the first time that Siri’s voice will not be available as default to a female voice. iOS 14 update added two new voices and has made ingenious improvements to the previous voices. Now, there are four voices English speakers can choose from when setting up a new device. If you want to change Siri’s voice, you can do it by going into the Settings app.


With more beautiful and data-rich widgets, you can enjoy more utility throughout your day. For example, you can place widgets anywhere on the Home screen for information at a glance and track your commute, activity, or Calendar events. Another amazing thing is widgets come in different sizes; as per your need, you can choose the size.

Smart Stack, a set of widgets that uses on-device intelligence to surface the right widget at the right time based on factors like time, location, and activity, will help you see the Weather widget in the morning, Calendar events during the day, and commute time from Apple Maps in the evening without any hassle.

Siri’s suggestion will also work wonders for you. Using on‑device intelligence, it will show you the actions you might take based on your usage patterns. iPhone app development companiescan also create their widgets using API and put them on the home screen. 

App clips

Apple added App Clips to iOS 14, allowing users to benefit from some app features without necessitating the download of the full app. For example, it can allow you to do things like purchase a coffee, make a restaurant booking, or charge a parking meter just by scanning a code, with no need to download a full app.

Enhancement in conversation

Users can now pin an important conversation so that it stays at the top of the app. You can also pin messages with a simple swipe to the right on any chat. A new inline replies feature also added that you can use to respond to a particular message in a conversation, which is beneficial in group chats.

Easy pairing through the family setup

This update can be paired with watchOS 7, iOS 14. In addition, parents can now manage cellular Apple Watches for their kids through the Family Setup feature and allow kids to use an Apple Watch without the need for an iPhone.

Latest version: 14.6

Apple never slows down when it comes to adding new features. This time, it introduces a new iOS 14.6 version with cool new features and benefits. iOS 14.6 update is good news for the iPhone app developersthat spend a lot of time fixing bugs. This new version arrived in late May with new features including best way to locate lost AirTags trackers and high-fidelity Apple Music support.

Let’s dive deep into the cool features of this remarkable update!

Apple Music lossless and Dolby Atmos formats.

Apple Music‌ Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos will offer up an immersive, multi-dimensional audio experience. As a result, you can enjoy music in a way that lets you feel like the notes are coming from all around you.

Apple Card Family

This feature will allow iPhone users to share an Apple card among family members. It’s very easy to set up and use. Just set up ‘Apple Card Family’ by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone and selecting your Apple Card. From there, tap on the three-dot menu icon followed by Share My Card; you can select anyone who is over 13 and in your Family Sharing group.

Unlock iPhone while wearing mask

Wearing a mask has become vital in this pandemic, but sometimes it doesn’t feel very pleasant while unlocking the iPhone. With iOS 14.6, your iPhone will unlock with Apple Watch itself whenever it sees the bottom half of your face is covered. You need to pair up your Apple watch with your iPhone, and if your watch is nearby, it will unlock. The same will be followed for locking the iPhone as well.

AirTag and Find My

If someone comes across your missing item with an AirTag attached, they will be able to contact you via email instead of a phone call.

Apple Podcasts Subscription Support

Another amazing feature of this update is it has introduced a great support for subscriptions in the Apple Podcasts app. Now, podcast creators can collect subscription fees from their listeners and can also unlock additional content, with the Los Angeles Times, Sony Music Entertainment, and more to introduce premium content. The amazing thing is Podcast subscriptions are available in more than 170 countries.


This feature will allow voice Control users to unlock their iPhone after a restart using only their voice only.

Better beta tools

Beta tools will let your apple software developers and public beta testers upgrade to an iOS release candidate without removing their developer or beta profile.

New privacy feature

The new feature is now asking users if they want to allow apps to track their digital activity. This policy will limit certain data collection and sharing unless users opt to track iOS 14 devices via the prompt.

Bug Fixes

Several bug fixes are included in iOS 14.6, Like Apple Watch not working to unlock the ‌iPhone‌, disconnecting Bluetooth devices, and performance issues during startup.

Which devices are compatible with this update?

iPhones SE to iPhone 12

7th generation iPod

All iPad fifth generation onwards

Want to know more? We’ve got your back!

Hopefully, this article has shed great light on iOS 14 and its latest version iOS 14.6. But, if you didn’t upgrade your iPhone to use the new version cool features, you are missing out a lot. So, update your iPhone and enjoy the amazing benefits. However, if you need any help, like why it’s so important to update this new version, you can consult the top iOS app developers. However, if you have already upgraded your iPhone, then share your experience with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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