Bullying on WhatsApp Group Chats Increasing. What Should Be Done?

Is your teen quite active on WhatsApp? Have you often caught them spending too much time on this instant messaging app? Did you ever find them distressed or anxious while they are using the app? If you notice some uncommon behavior in your teen while they are on the app, it’s high time you find the underlying cause.

It has been found that the majority of cyberbullying incidents take place on WhatsApp group chats. In fact, bullying has become quite rampant on instant messaging apps, especially WhatsApp. Cyberbullying is one of the reasons your teens remain distressed and anxious.

According to a recent survey, it was found that a large percentage of parents are extremely worried that their teens are being cyberbullied in a WhatsApp group chat. Usually, parents resort to WhatsApp spy online software to monitor and track their teen’s messages on the app and find out what’s bothering them.

Let’s talk about why cyberbullying is increasing on WhatsApp and how people use WhatsApp group chats to bully others on this platform. Further to that, we will also discuss what parents can do to protect their teens from becoming a victim to bullying on WhatsApp group chats.

Bullying on WhatsApp Group Chats

WhatsApp group chats are not all bad. They have the power to stop teens from feeling alone and isolated as it can give them an opportunity to connect and communicate with others and stand up for one another in difficult times. However, the same group chats can be problematic when things blow out of proportion and teens fail to handle the situation.

The majority of parents are concerned about the nature of group chats on platforms like WhatsApp. But have you ever wondered how WhatsApp group chats are responsible for most of the bullying incidents?

WhatsApp group chats can be upsetting for teens in several different ways. A teen may put up a picture on the WhatsApp group chat that could make the other teen feel excluded. On the other hand, a teen may feel really bad when they are not included in a group at all. These could be some of the issues that can make your teen upset and worried.

Now, let’s talk more about cyberbullying on WhatsApp. It is quite possible that someone may get your teen’s phone number and send them a mean, distressful, embarrassing, or insulting message in a separate chat.

Such embarrassing and hurtful messages can be disturbing for your teen’s mental health and can lead them to have feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. It has been reported that cyberbullying can also cause teens to have suicidal thoughts. That is the reason parents are often worried about their teens using online platforms because they do not want their kids to face bullying and become a victim of anxiety and depression.

Often teens do not open up about the problems that they face online with their parents. They hide the issues they are facing. They also hide about being bullied by someone online. This happens because either they cannot recognize the signs of cyberbullying or they are too scared to talk about these things.

They try to handle the situation on their own and when they can’t do that, they end up feeling isolated, depressed, or anxious. Since WhatsApp group chats are not public, most parents cannot know what their teens are up to on WhatsApp. For this reason, they opt for WhatsApp spy online software to keep track of their teen’s WhatsApp messages.

How Can Parents Protect Teens from Bullying Online?

No doubt cyberbullying has become widespread on instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Since the app is free and open to everyone, it doesn’t take much time for someone to get access to your teen’s WhatsApp account and send them a private message.

If you do not want your teen to become a victim of cyberbullying and want to keep them safe from all sorts of internet dangers including cyberbullying, then you need to follow some helpful internet safety tips.

We understand that protecting the privacy of your teens in the digital age can be quite difficult. However, there are some internet safety tips that you can follow to protect your teens from harmful online dangers. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Enable Privacy Settings

It is important to enabling privacy settings on all the social media and instant messaging apps including WhatsApp that your teen is using. Be sure to turn on the privacy settings on the WhatsApp app so your teen can stay away from unwanted trouble.

You can simply head to the Settings on the WhatsApp app, open the Account section, and then tap Privacy to update the privacy settings there. Make sure to update changes in the Live Location and change it to “none” so nobody can know where your teen is.  

Only Share Content with People They Know

You need to educate your teen to only share content with people on the internet they really know in real life. They should avoid sharing any information with people who they do not know and haven’t met in person. Your teens should never share their private information including photos and videos with any stranger on the internet and should only communicate with people they really trust.

Install Monitoring App

Another effective way to protect your teens from bullying on WhatsApp group chats or any other internet danger is to install a reliable and professional monitoring app on their smartphone. If you want to track your teen’s WhatsApp messages and want to know who they are interacting with, you can install a WhatsApp spy iPhone or Android app (depending on the type of device they are using) and get to know about their WhatsApp activity.

A WhatsApp spy iPhone/Android app is helpful because it lets you track all the incoming and outgoing messages on your teen’s WhatsApp. You can remotely monitor their WhatsApp group chats and come to know whether or not your teen is being bullied by someone on the instant messaging platform.

All you need to do is download a professional WhatsApp spy iPhone or Android app, get it installed on your teen’s phone and then start monitoring their conversations. You can remotely view all their WhatsApp chats via an online dashboard from anywhere and at any time.


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