5 Reasons You Should Use Engagement Announcement Cards

Engagement is the timeline where two people in love are together in between the proposal and wedding day. Certain activities occur during this stage, but they differ depending on the traditions and customs of the location, and where the couple is based. Religious beliefs and personal decisions might also be factors contributing to changes during the engagement period. Engagement announcements are made either by cards or passing information from one person to another, while a party is hosted after people know about the engagement.

Reasons for Using Engagement Announcement Cards

Engagements are usually shared with the people you love. The best way to inform them professionally and adequately is by sending them personalized announcement cards. The following lists reasons why you should use announcement cards:

1.    They Are Informative

 Announcement cards are used as a medium to pass information for your special engagement. Although they are compared to basic invitations, they differ in the amount of information they display. These cards contain less information than invitations, including the name of the couple, venue, and address of the party’s platform, time, and date.

2.    They Take a Personal Approach

Sending this information is easy because many people can access social media platforms. It’s as easy as creating a message with a list of the recipients and clicking once, sending it out to everyone. Even with all the efficiency and convenience provided by technology, it still lacks the approach people appreciate. Announcements reflect the image, which the couple want to present for themselves, although they are commonly made by printing, some are handmade. This is how you know the cards were made with passion and care, and your guests will, for sure, adore and love you more after realizing that.

3.   They Create Anticipation and Set the Tone for the Event

The design on announcement cards indicates the type of event to be held. Once people receive the cards, they will know the type of event they are attending. When they have the idea, they will prepare for a modern engagement, such as the gifts to give the couple and what to wear. It creates excitement and anticipation that they can hardly wait for.

4.   They Are Effective Reminders

After receiving the card, you are likely to put it somewhere it’s easily visible so you can be reminded of an upcoming event. You can place it on the refrigerator, at the bedside, pinboard, or a memo board. There is no need to set reminders on the phone because you see the announcement card daily.

5.    They Evoke Beautiful Memories

Some people keep the announcement card after the event as a piece of memory. Some choose to put it in their announcement card collection, in a scrapbook, or among other places, to remind you that you were part of a joyous celebration. Keeping items like announcement cards help you replay those moments.

Engagement announcement cards are sent to invite people to your special day and share your love with them. You can take your time trying to find a suitable design for your card. Let your love shine through the card and through you to dazzle and delight all those receiving it, making them look forward to celebrating your special day.

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