Guide to Matching Necklace with the Neckline

Pairing the Perfect Necklace with Different Necklines - The Chriselle Factor

Women love to wear necklaces as they enhance the beauty of the person, highlighting their outfits as well. Interestingly, the usage of necklaces dates back to 40,000 years ago during the Stone Age period. In ancient times, necklaces were made out of stones and shells. As we all know, the Egyptians are known as beauty experts for instance the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was known for her surpassing beauty. The Egyptians made necklaces using beads which turned out to be a fashionable product. 

At times, we all get confused as to what necklace to wear to look perfect. Here are some guidelines as to how to match a necklace with a neckline.

Consider your neckline before choosing your necklace

The first thing that has to be kept in mind before choosing your necklace is to be aware of your neckline. There are necklaces of different lengths which will give you an idea about the necklace lengths. 

  • The first types are chokers that range between 14 to 16 inches, which sit high on the neck. 
  • The second types are Princess Necklaces that lie slightly below the neck area. This one rests around the collar bone and looks great for diamond ring designs
  • The third types are Matinee necklaces that typically rest at the bust line. 
  • Opera necklaces types can be worn by wrapping them for a shorter look. 
  • Rope necklaces are anything that is longer than 32 inches.

Consider your outfit neck pattern.

  • If you are wearing a strapless dress, try a choker necklace which will add more elegance to your style. Chokers give a classy look when it is worn with sarees. Short chokers can also be worn for square-shaped necks. 
  • Opera necklaces go well with high screw dresses and clothes that have turtle necks which gives you a bold look to your outfit. 
  • For low cut tops, princess necklaces are the best as it draws the eyes upwards towards the neck region. 
  • You can wear a V cut necklace with a V cut top and also make sure that the chain you wear matches the shape of your neckline. 
  • For buttoned-up shirts, it is good to go with round necklaces which are short.
  • Boat necked tops go well with long chains. Long gold pendant designs look great with boat neck outfits.
  • Long chains and pendants look good for Halter necks. A very slim chain that falls around the neckline would be recommended.

To ace your style, it would be better to choose the appropriate necklace depending on the outfit and your neckline. Necklaces give a fantastic look by enhancing your overall appearance. Sometimes it is frustrating when you have plenty of necklace designs with you. There is nothing to worry about. Just follow the guidelines mentioned above and by practice, you will eventually find your way to mastering the art of matching your necklaces with the neckline without any hassle. 

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