Physiotherapy for COVID-19 patients- What else can they do?

From knee pain treatment to recovery, mobility and muscular strength building, physiotherapy plays a huge role in enabling patients to get back on their feet again after any major illness, injury or mobility disorder. In fact, there is huge demand for physiotherapy treatment amongst those who have recovered from COVID-19 or are just about getting back to normal life and working from home in the meantime. Both categories of people require substantial physiotherapy based treatments in attaining better body strength, functions, mobility and balance among other positive developments arising from the same.

World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of September for highlighting the vital role played by physiotherapy and its overall importance along with showcasing its contribution towards enabling recovery not just in mainstream society but also the elderly. Physiotherapists put in a lot of hard work and effort towards helping patients recover and their contributions are acknowledged and highlighted on this day. Additionally, this is the day when knowledge and more awareness about physiotherapy are delineated worldwide for more people to know how it solves a multitude of problems with gusto including back pain treatment which is a recurring occurrence.

On World Physiotherapy Day this year on the 8th of September, several experts have strongly recommended usage of specific physiotherapy based techniques for treating COVID-19 patients who remain confined in a particular room or hospital bed and techniques for also maintaining healthy oxygen levels and enhancing the health of the respiratory system of COVID-19 patients. The novel coronavirus disease will majorly impact the respiratory system, leading to a situation where people experience coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath. It is known that the coronavirus will infect the throat lining, lungs and respiratory tract, it may also lead to cognitive behavioral changes for individuals, creating a scenario where there are higher anxiety, stress and depression levels.

Doctors have stated that the key role of a physiotherapist is to enable patients for boosting their respiration capacities while providing free airway through the evaluation of the most effective strategies and blueprints such as chest physiotherapy via positioning of the patient properly, cupping, chest percussions, airway clearance, postural drainage and even ventilation. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the chest may feel more congested, leading to suffocation and breathing difficulties alike. This is followed up by breathing exercises including pursed lip breathing, belly breathing, square lip breathing, quadruped breathing and diaphragmatic breathing among others. Taking a deep breath and forcing mucus outwards from the throat will enable clearance of the airway likewise. This will help in maintenance of healthy levels of oxygen while enabling greater stress relief and combating anxiety at the same time. Mobile exercises are mandatory for enabling better strengthening of the musculo-skeletal system in the body. COVID-19 patients usually remain confined to their beds and any lack of proper movement may lead to the muscles becoming weak, stiff or sore. Early mobility with proper assistance is a must in this scenario. Aerobic exercises also help greatly in enhancing overall functioning of the muscles too. Physiotherapy treatment plays a huge role in helping rehabilitate those severely impacted due to COVID-19 as per industry experts.

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