Top 5 Corporate Photoshoot Dos And Don’ts | Vivid Snaps Video Production

Many companies initiate corporate photo shoot to have professional photos for their company magazine or newsletter, website, and press releases. The corporate photo shoot is far different from what you post on social media. Unlike on social media, where people can upload their funny and goofy faces, people should dress professionally or casually in corporate photos. There can be smiling but no goofy faces. And the background must be presentable as well.

Here are the dos and don’ts of a corporate photo shoot:

1. DO prepare for the shoot.

Preparation is not only beautifying yourself but also ensuring the entire company has time to prepare themselves. Clear all the schedules of your staff on the day of the shoot. You can cancel meetings and decline client visits. Find a way to work the photoshoot session into your staff’s schedule without compromising their productivity and business operation.

2. DON’T have a divided style.

One of the images a brand must project in the picture is unity. If your staff have a different style, theme, and concept in their photo, it will make the company photos look disconnected from each other. Always have a unified theme in company shoots and video production in Singapore.

3. DO communicate your needs.

The company and the photographer and videographer in Singapore must collaborate and communicate. The company must discuss their ideas for their corporate shoot for the understanding of the photographers. The photographers must address the concern of the company as well.

4. DON’T choose a busy background.

In company photoshoots, the viewer must focus on you, not on the background. Never choose a busy or too eye-catching background. Pick a neutral one with incredible lighting.

5. DO keep your image fresh.

It is ideal to have a corporate photo shoot every two years. Employees come and go in the company, and using outdated images is inaccurate and not transparent on the organisation’s part.

Make sure to remember these rules during photoshoots!

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