A Facebook Marketing Partner’s Guide to Branded Content

Social Media’s growth has seen new heights now and then. The world is nuts about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many more such apps. Ever since quality smartphones and laptops or desktop PCs started to cost affordable, the Social Media platforms evidenced the massive rush. If you talk about the stats, well in 2018, Facebook recorded a massive 2.32 billion active users every month. So, do you think that alone casual users have flooded the streets of Facebook? 

No, the corporate segment of Facebook is playing a greater role in getting people aboard. Maybe, you are running short off marketing strategies and that is where you need to check the effectiveness of branded content to boost your brand’s fame. In Facebook, branded contents play a big role for brands to reach out to a wider audience.

So, this is it, if you are here to know what is branded content, then go on and read till the ending. 

Your Basic Introduction to Facebook Branded Content

A content that is branded is branded content, in straight words. Now, this ‘brand’ is not necessarily another brand of the same product. This ‘brand’ can be a Social Media influencer, an artist, a celebrity, or any media company. 

Now, regarding the ‘content’, well it is what they post on Social Media, which promotes a third-party brand’s product. That third-party brand can be your brand as well and the content can be pictures, writings, videos, or anything else. 

How Can You Recognize A Branded Content?

The basic question that arises is that how branded content varies from a sponsored Facebook post. If you have heard about sponsored posts, well they are pretty much the same as branded contents but is not fully though. 

Before you get to know what a ‘branded content’ looks like, do you know what ‘Verified’ Facebook accounts looks like? If you know, also know that only a content posted by a verified Facebook account is ‘branded’.

 A branded content is just another post shared by that verified personality but you find ‘with’ and the name of the company who’s product the personality is promoting. You will also find a ‘Paid Partnership’ logo sitting next to the timestamp. Lastly, there will an option called ‘About This Partnership’, which will do exactly what it says. So, that is how you recognize branded content, as simple as that.

Why Are Brands Running For Creating ‘Branded Contents’ on Facebook?

Influencer marketing is quite a great deal these days owing to the increasing numbers of YouTubers and Instagram artists. The public is mad about them and they tend to follow everything that they support or use. So, if it is a skincare product, people will buy yours because you did a paid partnership with that famous person.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this way for your brand too:

Less To Zero Invasiveness

Ads can bore or disgust the audience but branded contents will not. They are zero to little invasive to any random person.

Brand Loyalty Boosts Up

Branded contents can get your brand loyalty game level up. People trust the influencers, so when they promote your product, that same trust passes on to your court as well.

Brand Reach Expands

Any popular influencer has millions of fans in their Social Media platforms. This means that once they post branded content, a certain group of those fans might just become your brand’s customers.

Of all the different ways, you can get in touch with a Facebook marketing partner to get the stage ready for branded content, for your company.

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