When To See Dermatologists In Singapore: 4 Signs You Should Not Ignore


Skin issues like blemishes and wrinkles are relatively prevalent. However, other skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and other sensitive skin issues are a sign that you must not ignore and see professional dermatologists in Singapore for proper consultations. 

You should consult dermatologists in Singapore if there are any signs of redness, itching, pain, rashes, or pus. Dermatologists focus on treating problems with the skin, hair, and nails. Some procedures enhance the appearance of your skin once you make a schedule for consultation. Moreover, you can also seek skin cancer screening in Singapore.

Consider seeing dermatologists in Singapore if you feel uncomfortable about your skin or are concerned about something on it. Here are the signs you should always pay attention to consult dermatologists in Singapore ASAP!

1. If You Have Visible Skin Rashes That Are Itchy, Red, And Scaly

See dermatologists in Singapore immediately if you have irritated, scaly skin, and over-the-counter creams and lotions aren’t providing relief. You might believe that the weather, sensitivity to skincare products, or even heredity are to blame for your dry skin. 

However, you might be suffering from a persistent skin ailment like eczema. With specific tests and a skin examination, dermatologists can identify eczema and provide you with the correct treatment in Singapore.

2. If You Have A Mole Or Altered Skin Patches

You should consult dermatologists in Singapore immediately if a mole or a region of your skin has changed in colour, size, shape, or symptom. Your dermatologist can also teach you how to perform a routine skin cancer examination or screening in Singapore.

3. If You Have Cuts Or  Scrapes, Acne Scars, And Blemishes

Professional dermatologists in Singapore can help you if your scar is less attractive. Medical procedures like laser therapy and microdermabrasion can lessen scarring. They also know a lot regarding laser treatment for pigmentation! 

4. If You Are Suffering From Extreme Losing Hair 

You might have a scalp issue if you’ve observed more hair than usual on your pillow in the morning. Consulting dermatologists in Singapore is wise since they can provide the best treatments or preventative measures for your hair loss. Your dermatologist may advise laser treatments or other procedures to keep you looking your best.

Suppose you are experiencing any of these skin ailment signs; you must consult a dermatologist immediately. Contact Thomson Specialist Skin Centre for their professional medical services. They also offer STI screening in Singapore, if you need a test.

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