How I Benefited From Hiring A Confinement Nanny In Singapore

I know all first-time mums are very scared on the very first day of motherhood. Delivering a child is a piece of cake compared to the first months of raising a newborn. My friends and relatives have already warned me to sleep as much as I can during my pregnancy because once I give birth, I will be deprived of it in the first few months. It was true, but thankfully I hired a confinement lady in Singapore. If you want to learn how I benefited from the help of a confinement nanny, keep reading my story.

4 Benefits Of Hiring A Confinement Nanny In Singapore

Hiring a confinement nanny is different when you hire a regular nanny in Singapore. Firstly, their task is not the same. Confinement nannies were more focused on caring for the mother and newborn, while regular nannies were more on household chores. 

Here are the benefits of hiring a confinement nanny:


One of the specialities of a confinement nanny is confinement food. Confinement food is a set of nutritious meals that will help me regain my strength and heal my body. The meals will also help replenish the nutrition I lost during pregnancy and after giving birth.

My confinement nanny provider in Singapore ensured that their nannies were knowledgeable about confinement food and highly trained in preparing for it. So instead of ordering confinement food from specialty restaurants, my nanny cooked it for me.


Breastfeeding, bathing, and other stuff known as mother-newborn bonding activities remain my primary task as a mum, my confinement nanny still helped me with them.

On my first-time breastfeeding, she helped me position my newborn so he could latch on my nipple properly and get his milk. My confinement lady in Singapore also helped me schedule the breastfeeding and instil the sleep routine for my baby, so I could have plenty of sleep, too.

She also assisted me when I bathed my baby, especially since I was still weak and clumsy due to my post-child delivery condition.


Babies have special needs. For example, their feeding bottles and pumps must need sterilisation before use. Their clothes and gloves must be washed regularly as well. Since it is difficult for my condition to constantly clean the clothes and sterilise the baby’s essentials, my confinement nanny did it for me. 


As I mentioned, confinement nannies focus on caring for the mummy and newborn, but some confinement nannies can look after the house.

Some confinement nannies could do little household chores, such as going to the market, cooking, and doing the dishes. Of course, their major household chores remain for the regular nanny. It is crucial to get a confinement lady recommendation from your friends and relatives to find a confinement nanny that is right for you.

I am very thankful to my confinement nanny in Singapore for helping me through the toughest phase of becoming a mother to a newborn. 

If you are looking for a confinement lady recommendation, I highly suggest visiting Super Nanny Services. They have expert and trained confinement nannies. Visit Super Nanny Services today.

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