Claim Justice Review — How This Company Recovers Money Lost to Scams

Claim Justice review

The crypto industry is a hot topic right now with many financial outlets discussing the promising future of the industry. However, companies like Claim Justice are rarely covered with the same zeal and interest by the media. It should be a very good topic to discuss given the amount of money lost to various scammers in this industry. Read this Claim Justice review to learn more.

Claim Justice is a company that specializes in money recovery for clients who lost their funds to scammers. Some reports indicate that over $770 million is lost annually to different fraudulent activities that are often conducted on social media platforms. Notably, only 3% is ever returned. A huge portion of recovered funds is returned by companies like Claim Justice that work much more efficiently than traditional law enforcement organizations.

The crypto industry is known for specific obstacles that are hard to overcome without using unconventional methods. For once, many scammers use a variety of money-laundering schemes to hide money that they steal. Additionally, the blockchain allows for complete anonymity making it close to impossible to track down people who don’t make any mistakes.

On the other hand, the experience of Claim Justice in this industry indicates that the vast majority of scammers are not as well versed in technology as victims think. Yes, the blockchain allows many to take away money without a trace, but scammers have to leave a notable digital footprint during the communication period. It is exactly the weak point in any scammer’s strategy that is exploited by Claim Justice.

How does this company operate?

Thousands of people never go to companies like Claim Justice because they believe that there is nothing that can be done. The percentage of recovered funds could have been much bigger if more people were willing to simply take action instead of thinking how embarrassing it was to lose money to a scam. There is nothing shameful in being deceived by shady people.

Claim Justice has a very specific approach to solving each case. The general process is quite simple yet nuances matter.

  1. Everything starts with the client asking the company to take the case. The initial interview will reveal the complexity of the task at hand. Specialists of the company will send you a preliminary quote once the evaluation of the case is done.
  2. The next stage is gathering information that will be used as a foundation for the evidence base. With enough documents, screenshots of conversations, data from social media, and more, Claim Justice will start tracking down the scammer.
  3. The process may take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks depending on many factors. However, more often than not, the company succeeds at identifying and contacting the scammer.
  4. The last stage is the negotiation process during which the company will talk on your behalf with the scammer and pressure them with legal action and other threats. Most people usually crack under such a barrage of accusations and evidence.

Do scammers return the money?

Yes. The vast majority of all scammers are not some sophisticated Bond villains. They are regular punks who decided to use their limited knowledge of the crypto industry to scam people who are not technically savvy. These criminals are afraid of any legal action and will quickly succumb to panic when presented with real evidence.

Claim Justice is quite effective at convincing scammers to return at least a portion of stolen money to avoid criminal prosecution. In most cases, it is the best outcome. You can attempt to take legal action against the scammer, but it may cost you more than you will eventually get back from the criminal even if you win the court case.


Claim Justice scam recovery agency is a company that many people consider more than just valuable — life-saving. In many cases, Claim Justice helped people avoid financial ruin and recovered money that they believed was lost forever. You don’t have to give up after falling victim to an online crypto scam! You can return your money!

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