How to Sell Ad Space on Your Website

If you’re struggling to earn revenue from your brand, then you’re likely not considering adding ad space to your website.

If you have empty space on your website, you can use it for selling ad space. Potential advertisers will contact you to post their ads. This brings you revenue and also promotes their brand—creating a win-win situation for both parties.

But how do you go about selling ad space?

This quick but detailed guide will show you how to sell ad space to monetize your website.

Here’s what you must know:

Fundamental Requirements for Selling Ads

One of the first steps is to ensure your website has high traffic—if it doesn’t already! You want to aim for at least 1,000 visitors per month. You want to also have a high number of unique visitors. 

This refers to a visitor who visits at least once during a given period. You’ll want a healthy mix of unique visitors and regular visitors.

Your website also has to have high-quality content. In other words, your visitors won’t trust advertisers unless they trust you. Think about your favorite content creators and how much you trust their opinion on a particular product.

You have to first focus on creating great content and a digital reputation. Afterward, you can start selling ad space to potential advertisers.

Selling Ad Space

Once you’ve met the requirements for selling ads, you’re ready to start selling ad space.

You can reach out to brands that you like and offer to sell ad space to them. The easiest way is to share their links on your website. If they use Facebook and/or Google Ads, you can post them to your website as well.

Make sure you learn the pros and cons of Facebook vs Google ads in this blog post first!

You can also mention their brand in your video and audio content. You can record a segment for a YouTube video or podcast episode where you discuss a brand and promote its products/services.

Find Potential Advertisers

If you can’t directly connect with potential advertisers, then there are alternate ways to work with them.

You can join an ad network. Here, your website will get introduced to potential advertisers. You’ll communicate through the platform before agreeing upon selling ad space.

Another option is through affiliate programs. You’ll connect with potential advertisers who are already promoting their products and services. Once you’re approved for a program, all you have to do is share your affiliate links on your website.

Make Money With Ad Space

Now you know the benefits of ad space and how you can monetize your website through it.

Your first step before you start selling ad space is to make sure you meet the fundamental requirements. Ensure that your website has a high traffic count with both loyal and unique visitors.

Make sure you also produce high-quality content for your viewers. Afterward, you can reach out to potential advertisers. If this fails, you can always fall back on ad networks or affiliate programs.

You’ll find more great marketing and business advice on our blog.


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