What Are the Different Types of Trucks That Exist Today?


Currently, there are about eight categories of trucks. And in those categories, you have subcategories, meaning there are 30 types of trucks! That is a lot of trucks.

Now, if you’re looking into hiring some trucking services for your business or personal use, it’s good you investigate your options. Once you do, you’ll be able to make a sound choice. That being said, let’s look at the most common types of trucks out there.

Commercial Trucks

As you can tell by the name, commercial trucks are mainly used by businesses. These trucks are meant to handle a lot of abuse, making them a great choice for companies transporting heavy goods.

Businesses use commercial trucks for various reasons. Some transport liquids such as chemicals, oil, or water. Others transport solid materials, like construction materials, food products, or household items. Commercial trucks usually have a good tracking system, which you can keep learning about at linxup.com.

Long Haul Truck

Long haul trucking is an industry that specializes in transporting goods over long distances. The best long-haul truckers are the ones with experience who are well-equipped to handle rough conditions.

This trucking industry is a great option for businesses that need to move many goods over long distances. The most common uses for long-haul trucks are in transporting minerals, food products, and other perishable goods.

It’s also one of the most demanding trucking services out there. It requires skill, experience, and the right equipment to safely transport the goods.

Cement Trucks

Dry cement is one of the most common construction materials used today. Workers use this material for building roads and infrastructure and constructing houses and other buildings. Cement trucks are mainly used for shorter distances since they are usually lower in capacity and weight than other truck types.

Flat Bed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are great for transporting pallets or other different types of goods. These are usually smaller trailers that can fit on a single truck.

The trailer is meant to be towed behind a truck, which means it has no engine, making it ideal for moving smaller and lighter loads.

Livestock Trucks

Livestock trucks are the ones that transport animals, usually for meat production. They’re smaller in size and have a lower capacity than most trucks. This is because these trucks are meant to transport animals, which means they need to be clean and sanitary.

Furniture Truck

Furniture trucks are responsible for transporting furniture. This business usually operates locally and doesn’t require a fleet of trucks for larger-scale moves.

They are not the best trucks for transporting goods in bulk since furniture is heavy and bulky. People use them to make local moves and to transport a small amount of furniture at a time.

Types of Trucks Revealed

The different types of trucks can make it hard to tell which is best for your business and your fleet. That’s why we have written this article so you can make an informed decision before purchasing a new truck. If you want to keep reading automotive-related posts, keep browsing our blog!

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