How to Grow Weed 101: 5 Industry Secrets You Need to Know

Recreational weed is now legal in 18 different states. While there’s still plenty of progress to make in the US, at least millions of people can enjoy this all-natural, beneficial plant without harmful consequences.

And in most places where you can buy and use weed, you can also grow your own. If you want to get even more familiar with your favorite plant, learning how to grow weed is one of the most satisfying pastimes to pick up.

It’s quite a process, but growing weed is actually easier than most people think. You just need a few helpful tips that the professionals don’t want you to know.

Keep reading below for five crucial tips for learning how to grow cannabis.

1. Grow Outside for an Easier Harvest

Growing outdoors is ideal if you want to produce the highest quality weed with the least effort and the lowest startup cost. You have natural sunlight to help the plants grow, and usually natural rainfall.

All you need is some space in your yard to get started. The only limitation is the growing season. You’re limited to the traditional growing season in most states since winter is too cold for weeds to grow outdoors.

2. Grow Inside for Year-Round Harvest

Most people who want to learn how to grow marijuana are interested in growing marijuana indoors. While you have to use artificial light (one of your most significant expenses), you get to grow and harvest year-round.

When it comes to growing indoors, you are in control of the growing season. You need to know when to harvest marijuana to ensure you pluck it at the optimal time.

3. Get Energy-Efficient Lightning

Lightning is the most critical consideration when learning how to grow weed at home. You need very bright grow lights to grow marijuana.

And these lights need to run about 18 hours a day. So you want the growing area to be in a non-distracting location. And LED lightbulbs are ideal to ensure your electric bill isn’t huge.

4. Use a Carbon Filter

You’ll definitely want an exhaust fan to circulate air around your plants. And you should also get a carbon filter. This will help to reduce odors. The filter can also reduce heat in the growing area produced by the lighting system.

5. Pruning Is Necessary

It can be scary to prune your plants the first time. After all, they finally started sprouting a fair amount of leaves.

But it’s essential to start pruning your plants early and often. It helps them grow to their fullest potential, ensuring a high yield. Make sure to stop pruning as soon as your plants start to flower. Just make sure the plant isn’t going to grow tall enough to reach your grow lights.

Learn How to Grow Weed to Save Money

When learning how to grow weed, there’s a lot to consider.

Once you get to your first harvest, however, you’ll feel equipped to do it repeatedly. You’ll realize how easy it is to grow your own bud, helping you save money and appreciate every single joint.

Are you looking for more tips on how to grow weed at home? Head over to our blog to find other helpful articles.

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