How to Select GMAT Exam Dates 2022?

So you’ve decided to appear for the GMAT in 2022. Now, most of you might be waiting for the notifications regarding the GMAT exam dates. Well, you need not wait. Because, unlike other entrance examinations, the GMAT exam is offered all around the year, and there are no specific dates for the exam. However, it is important to make an informed decision about choosing the dates for the GMAT exam, as there are other challenges related to it. If you’re wondering what those challenges are, we’ve explained them in this article. So read on!

Factors to Consider Before Choosing GMAT Exam Dates

You can take the GMAT exam whenever you feel that you’ve prepared well for the exam. Besides, since there’s no fixed answer as to when the GMAT exam is held in 2022, you can choose the exam dates as per your convenience. However, make sure that you keep in mind college deadlines as well as retakes, in case you might have to take one. Hence, it is important to choose the exam dates wisely

Also, you should be aware of some important information pertaining to the retakes. According to the GMAC, you are allowed to appear for the exam a maximum of five times in 12 months, and your lifetime limit for retakes is eight. Also, there must be a gap of 16 days between two consecutive re-attempts. However, if you achieve the perfect test score of 800, you have to wait for five years to appear for the exam again. 

It is always recommended to book an appointment for your GMAT exam three to four months before the decided exam dates. More so, you can register for the exam up to six months in advance. But, before moving on with the registration process, you should consider several factors that could affect your decision, such as the deadline of MBA applications, your preparation time, availability of test centers, the possibility of retakes, etc as mentioned. You can find all this information from the websites of universities. 

GMAT Last Minute Strategies 

GMAT is a highly competitive exam. You need months of preparation to get a stellar score in the test and stand out from the other applicants. Besides, as mentioned earlier, there is a limit for the re-attempts you can have. Hence, if you want to make it through, you need to follow a proper study schedule and start your preparations months before the exam date. Having said that, it is not advisable to study much for the GMAT day before the exam

On the day before your test, don’t try to learn any new concepts. Stuffing all the new information at the last minute may create confusion, and this could negatively affect your performance on the test day.

The last day of your preparation is all about relaxing and gathering everything that is required for the exam. Make sure that all valuable documents such as your id card, admission ticket, etc. are all there in your file. If you are planning to appear for the online exam from home, check if your system is working properly and make sure the internet connection is intact. Once you do this, plan your trip to the test center (if you opt for an in-person exam). If possible try to visit the test center to check the distance and other possible difficulties such as traffic jams on the way. More than anything, try to get a good night’s sleep and keep your mind relaxed before the test day. 

We hope this article helped you get clarity on choosing the GMAT exam dates. Though there are no specific exam dates for GMAT, it is important to choose them wisely. Hence, before you finalize a date, just refer to the above information, and then, decide accordingly. Good luck!

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