How health screening prevents diseases

Nowadays, there are a lot of tests that can be done in order to check for your health. One of the most popular tests is known as health screening. Health screening is a process where doctors try to detect any possible disease that you might suffer. By doing so, this can help in preventing the disease from becoming worse. Besides, early detection of a disease also means that you might receive the best possible treatment very early, and this can only mean a high success rate of cure. So, it is best to say that health screening can help to prevent diseases. So, how do people use health screening? How is it conducted? In this article, we will take a look at each of the processes involved during health screening so that you get a clear idea on how a health screening prevents diseases.

1. Book an appointment

The first step is the most obvious one. If you want to meet a doctor, then you need to book an appointment first because there are many people out there who are looking to do the same thing. It is very easy; a simple call will do the job. Make sure you book a date where you are free the whole day because sometimes the screening might take a lot of hours.

2. Consultation

After you book your appointment, now comes the time to meet your doctor. This is known as the consultation process. During consultation, your doctor will ask some questions that are related to your health. Questions such as your disease, its severity, current medication, your family history, social life and medical history might be asked. Please remember to give an honest answer as this will help the doctor a lot with this information, your doctor will then think about a suitable initial diagnosis if any.

3. Physical examination

After he derived your initial diagnosis, the doctor will then do some checks focusing on part of your body system. For example, if a lot of your information suggests an eye disease, then the first thing that your doctor will do is to check your vision. Then, he might process and do some checks on other body systems that include your chest, abdomen, back, upper and lower extremities and maybe your genitalia in certain cases. This physical examination will further help them in constructing their diagnosis.

4. Lab test

Lab test is very important in determining and confirming your disease. Sometimes, it is used to help doctors with their investigation. In order for them to conduct a test, they will need to take some samples from your body first. Samples such as saliva, blood or any bodily fluid might be taken. Do not be worried because the process will be very minor and will not hurt at all. With these samples, your doctor will then send it to the lab for some tests.

5. Results

Once your result is out, then the doctor will be able to confirm their diagnosis. If you are healthy, then there is no need for further consultation. But that does not mean you can ignore your health. However, if your doctor thinks that you have a disease that needs to be looked at, then an early intervention is needed. Based on your disease, your doctor will then try to suggest possible solutions for it. Remember, early detection calls for a higher success rate during your illness. Hence, this is why it is said that health screening can help a lot in preventing future diseases or complications. So, grab your phone and make your appointment now.

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