When Should You Provide Medical Records To The Insurance Company After A Car Accident?

Car accidents can be devastating for your health. The complications that arise in your physical and mental state can last for a lifetime. Personal injuries constitute a significant part of your compensation when you are involved in an accident due to another driver’s negligence. 

A car accident lawyer is an integral part of receiving a fair settlement to cover all your expenditure occurring from an accident. Los Angeles car accident lawyer effectively handles all your legal procedures and works dedicatedly to aid you in this distressing time. 

Why do you need to provide medical records to the insurance company?

  • When the other driver in the accident was negligent while driving and caused the accident, their insurance company is liable to pay for your damages. When they’re uninsured or do not have sufficient insurance coverage, the responsibility falls on your insurance company. Follow the guidelines set by your lawyer while dealing with them for the best outcome and let them negotiate with the company directly. 
  • Insurance companies lose their profits if they need to compensate you for your losses. They apply every tactic to reduce your settlement value. 
  • They might try to appear friendly for you to trust them and convince you to agree to a very low offer. Additionally, they might also try to deny your claims and refuse to increase the amount. People without lawyers usually fall for these methods and have to undergo the financial burden themselves.
  • They require certain documents such as medical reports to confirm the injuries you sustained and whether the value you claimed is accurate. However, it is essential for you only to submit documents that your lawyer informs you to and only when necessary. 

How can insurance companies use your medical reports against you? 

  • Handing over all your documents immediately to the company gives them time to create a defense against you to lower the compensation amount. 
  • They run a deep background check about your medical history and might claim that some of your current injuries were due to a pre-existing condition. The severity of your injuries might be weakened, and they might use this information against you to refuse you your rightful compensation. 
  • Only medical reports of health conditions, specifically about the injuries you suffered from because of the accident, including diagnosis, recovery plans, and further treatment, should be submitted with the approval of your attorney. 

Your car accident lawyer’s experience and reliable skills enable them to understand the motive behind insurance company contracts. They are well informed in tort law, specialize in accidents, and can easily dispute false statements insurance companies produce to reduce your compensation. Lawyers commit themselves to protect your legal rights and negotiate terms with the company themselves for you to seek compensation and relieve your financial strain. In case they disagree, they are well equipped with the necessary evidence and reliable estimates of all your losses to present in court. 

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