Wedding Traditions in the Filipino You Should Be Aware Of

One of the most common concerns when attending a Filipino wedding or planning your own is the dress code. So, what should you put on? Guests may feel pressured to engage as more couples are inspired to celebrate their Filipino heritage on their wedding day. Is it better to start looking for traditional Filipiniana straight away, or is it acceptable to show up in modern formalwear?

As the couple and their entourage walk down the aisle nowadays, there’s a wide range of styles to expect: billowing white gowns, regal ternos, or trendy Barong Tagalogs! There are even more ways to honour Filipino culture with some of these ideas. With some clever accessorising, you can show off your love for Filipino culture in even more ways.

Dress of the Bride

The Bride’s Clothes include the vintage wedding gown, which is brightly coloured and often specially designed. The Filipiniana dress is typically a two-piece ensemble with very large butterfly sleeves. The fabric and embroidery work is top-notch. Rather than emulating the traditional Filipiniana style, modern Filipino wedding gowns have taken more cues from the western tradition of the white gown while maintaining a similar aesthetic to the Filipiniana. The butterfly sleeves, on the other hand, are smaller.

Dress of the Groom

Wearing the Wedding Barong at formal events such as weddings means showing off you’re fine embroidery, which is why it’s worn untucked. Most people dress in long sleeves. Rather than the Filipina Mestiza gown, which is traditionally made of expensive fabric and adorned with embroideries, I’ve seen photos of women dressed in barongs rather.

Despedida de Soltera

In the Philippines, it’s become customary to host a bachelorette party to commemorate the bride’s last few days as a “single woman.” This gathering could also be used as a formal introduction to both sides of the family! So, if you occur to be a bridesmaid, you should participate and help make this event more vibrant and enjoyable in any way you can!

How should guests dress?

Guests should avoid wearing revealing outfits as a general rule, especially during the wedding ceremony. If the wedding has a specific dress code or colour scheme, it’s best to check the invitation. Everyone is expected to dress modestly for traditional Filipino weddings that do not have a dress code. When it comes to formal wear for men, the white or black barong Tagalog is common.

Veil and Cord

Filipino wedding ceremonies are known for their use of the cord and veil, two distinctive decorative accents. A veil and cord are still a tradition that Sales observes even today. The couple will be wrapped in a white cord and lace veil for ritual. When it comes to your marriage, the veil symbolises oneness and protection, while the cord represents eternity and unity.

Grains of rice

The bride and groom would walk down the aisle together after the ceremony to leave the church. Guests would gather at the exit during this time with bigas or rice grains to throw or shower the newlyweds.

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