Criminal Defense Attorney: What Can They Do for You?

A criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia serves as your legal representative when you face criminal charges in court. They can create defense arguments to establish how you are not guilty of the charges or why you should not be penalized for them. They will help you avoid being wrongfully convicted for offenses and defend your innocence. 

Each criminal defense case is different, depending on how serious the charges are and the circumstances that surround the event. However, criminal defense attorneys handle general tasks to help you build your case including the following:

Review Paperwork

As your attorney builds your defense, they look into the kind of charges you are facing and the way you were arrested. As an alleged offender, you have some rights during an arrest and pullover. Also, the processes involved in the justice system give you certain rights. 

Your attorney will determine whether or not your arrest or stop was lawful. Also, they will check whether the arresting officer read your Miranda Rights. They will investigate whether or not the arresting officer continuously interrogated you even if you invoked your right to remain silent. Another solid argument that can be used in your defense is when you were not provided with the chance to retain an attorney when being interrogated or processed. Your attorney will look into the possibility of evidence being planted by the arresting officer to frame you. 

Discover Supporting Evidence

A successful criminal defense attorney will investigate your case to gather evidence that can be used to support your case. This includes photos and video footage of the arrest or alleged offense, cellphone records, eyewitness testimony, as well as DNA analysis or tests like blood screenings or breathalyzer tests. 

Represent You in Court

As you face a criminal charge, you need to appear in court hearings. Your lawyer can serve as your legal advocate who will fight for you, so you can get your freedom back. They can lower your bail or have you put on house arrest to let you continue to work while your case is ongoing.

Negotiate a Plea Deal

Your defense attorney can help negotiate a plea deal, if viable, to decrease the seriousness of your charges or reduce jail time or probation. To negotiate a deal, they will use arguments such as you are a first-time offender, the alleged offense did not hurt anyone, or that there is insufficient evidence to prove your guilt. 

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