Why Hiring an Experienced Probation Attorney is a Necessity?

Probation violation in New Jersey is a serious criminal offense that can lead to serious legal troubles. When your case first appears in the court and it’s not a serious offense like murder or rape, the court usually offers a probation period where you’re required to do community service instead of serving jail time. It’s even more common when you apply for a plea and are a first-time offender. 

That being said, the terms of probation aren’t very easy. Ranging from punishments like paying a probation fee to the court and regularly performing the community service, the conditions for your probation might also include prohibition from alcohol and substance consumption, regularly paying visits to help circles if you’re a recovering drug addict, and much much more. 

A probation officer is usually assigned and you’re supposed to report to the probation officer from time to time. At times, your officer might also consider electronically monitoring your movement necessary. If you fail to meet these conditions, the probation officer has the right to file a case of misconduct against you. The judge that initially approved probation instead of serving jail time might revoke probation leniency, forcing you to serve a labored strict jail time. 

That’s when you’ll need legal help and representation from a skilled and reputable New Jersey Probation Attorney. The many ways in which these criminal defence lawyers can help you are as follows. 

  1. Proving that you weren’t involved in a probation violation at all. 
  2. If the nature of the violation was minor, your lawyer will offer alternative ways in front of the judge instead of sending you to jail. It might include putting stricter restrictions on your movement and increasing your community service time. 
  3. If the nature of violation includes firearm possession, drug possession and drug trading, or an accusation of theft, and if your probation officer is able to prove these felonies, skilled attorneys fight your case in order to convince the judge to not file new charges and consider your violation under the current charges you’re already facing. 

Needless to say, the primary focus of an experienced criminal defense attorney is to minimize the penalty that can be imposed due to probation violations. Bear in mind, violation of probation is taken very seriously and if a lawyer is unable to prove that the violation wasn’t serious or was unintentional and accidental, you’ll most likely have to face jail time. Hence, always put your trust in reputable lawyers only. 

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