Tips For Choosing The Right Floor

Are you thinking of renovating, reinstalling flooring or building a house and have questions about floors and coatings? Many internet users ask us about the best choices for each environment. To help you at this moment, we gathered tips on how to choose to floor correctly.

Tip 1. The non-slip floor in the bathroom. As it is a damp room, the floor in this room must be non-slip to prevent falls. A suggestion from the professional is the porcelain tile that is not polished.

Tip 2. There is no ideal color for the bathroom floor. Adriana Fontana states that there is no one color better suited than the other. She adds that everything depends on the size of the environment and what the resident wants to print in that space. “If he wants to give the feeling of spaciousness, it’s worth investing in lighter colors. If you want to add more personality or create a cozy atmosphere, black is indicated. Vibrant colors like purple and green are very welcome in washes and make this room sophisticated and creative,” she explains.

Tip 3. The kitchen floor cannot slip or get too much grease. As in the bathroom, the kitchen floor must not be slippery to avoid accidents. The consulted professional suggests that it is also not so rough that the grease coming from the stove does not stick.

Tip 4. Colors and prints vary according to the layout of the environment. “If you have a kitchen open to the living room, you should think about the flooring of these two spaces together. In this case, you can invest in a more colorful floor. For closed and smaller kitchens, I recommend the use of light colors”, indicates Adriana.

Tip 5. The floor of the room must be chosen according to the use and what is desired. If the room is going to be used a lot, it’s worth investing in an easy-to-maintain floor, such as porcelain or even vinyl that imitates wood. Also, evaluate the effect you would like to print on the floor. If you want a cozier space, it’s worth opting for warmer floors like wood.

Tip 6. Bedroom floors should be in tune with thermal comfort. “It’s nice to wake up and step on a warm floor, so my tip is to invest in a wooden floor or one that imitates this material, such as laminate or vinyl. They will provide greater thermal comfort.

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