Sunburn: definition and treatment

Sunburn: when skin gets too much exposure to the sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays, it gets burned which is known as sunburn. Skin should be protected by sunscreen or clothes. When you start noticing sunburn on skin, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. To treat sunburn the first thing you should keep in mind is avoid sun exposure and prefer indoors but sometimes it is not possible. Try to use clothes on open areas like faces, hands etc. 

Sunburn Treatment: there are a lot of indoor tips to treat sunburn and make you relieve from the discomfort. 

  1. Moisturizer contains soy and aloe vera: when you get sunburn in a particular area you can use some hydrocortisone cream which can be used and bought without any prescription. Never use products with “Caine” like benzocaine. These products can cause irritation on the skin. For sunburn treatment key west, you can visit good hospitals over there.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated: Drink extra water when your skin burns due to sunburn to keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Take Bath Frequently to relieve the pain: take showers frequently and gently pat yourself with a soft towel. Allow some water to remain on the skin and use some moisturizer all over to trap the water in your burned areas and skin. It helps in the discomfort of dryness. 
  4. Let your skin blisters heal: when your skin gets blisters, it means you caught a 2nd level of sunburn which is dangerous for skin. Let these blisters heal themselves naturally and don’t try to pluck them as they help and protect your skin from infections. 
  5. Take care of your skin: while skin is healing itself from sunburn, try to take care of the skin as much as you can. When outdoors, always try to cover your skin with clothes. The best fabric which is used outdoors to protect skin can be one which does not let any light come through. For example: Tightly woven fabric. 
  6. To help reduce any kind of redness, discomfort and swelling due to sunburn you can consider ibuprofen or aspirin. But consultation is always recommended. 

Sunburn seems to be a very normal condition but due to ultraviolet rays of the sun it can cause long lasting damage to skin. As well as when the person’s skin gets too much rays on skin, it can be the reason behind the skin cancer. Sun Protection is important.

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