5 New Tourist Attractions You Must Try in Solo, Indonesia

Did you know that Surakarta City in the state of Central Java or which is popularly referred to as the City of Solo, is a place famous for its identifying food, art, together with batik?

This city is located very near to Jogja City. If you intend to see Solo as soon as you’ve got fun at Jogja, then the transportation option which it’s possible to use is a train which only takes about 1-1.5 hours every day.

The atmosphere that you think in Solo will not be substantially different from Yogyakarta because both these cities reveal a backdrop that makes it resemble a twin brother. But Solo still has its charms that you won’t find everywhere else. The draws from murderous cited below would be unquestionably quite Instagramable, and so do not forget to bring your camera!

1. Pandawa Water World

Let’s start with brand-new tourist attractions inside Solo, which could make you moist. Pandawa Water World is a truly water slides tourism system that’s incredibly exciting for you to see with friends or family, especially in the event you want to encourage your child to play with.

There are loads of water play areas that vary from tide pools, flow pools, water slides, children’s pools, and many different amenities. This place is only about thirty minutes out of Solo Balapan Station.

2. Ngarsopuro Night Market

For those that would like to find Saturday night activities in Solo, the Ngarsopuro night market is the perfect alternative. A street in Solo is closed for automobiles and transformed into a night market that is extremely stylish and packed with folks.

Like a market in general, within this brand-new tourist location in Solo, you can also hunt for several sorts of goods that vary from handicrafts, batik, jewellery, knick-knacks totes, totes, clothes to desserts ordinary of Solo. Nearly all the merchandise offered here are outside of the MSMEs of Solo City. The atmosphere in this present marketplace is usually also made more vibrant from the musical performances of highly talented street musicians.

3. Solo Palace

One of those new tourist attractions out of afar that you have to watch is your Solo Palace. The attractiveness and rich heritage of the city of Solo might be emitted nicely in this Surakarta Kasunanan Palace area.

The Keraton area is truly a complex of buildings still used as a Sri Sunan Pakubuwono. Besides that, the Keraton region has a few royal traditions to this day. The Solo Palace might be understood by people from 9 am to 2 pm, however Friday. There is a museum that reveals sculptures, keris, and many other historical products.

4. Werkudara Double-Decker Bus

The Solo City Transportation Service provides double-decker buses to shoot passengers around and observe the stunning urban scenery in Solo. The costs to get on and get around by bus will also be fairly reasonably priced.

This double-decker bus can be popularly called the Werkudara tourist bus, additionally taken from a character name of the Mahabharata story. Werkudara is referred to as a figure who is tall, brave, and strong. You don’t need to fret because, following the middle of this trip, pretty this bus can occasionally stop so you can return and take images.

5. Jaladara Steam Train

If you were invited to go about Solo City using a bus, you could now try out with this train. The train is known as Solo because the Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara is a tourist train using a traditional steam locomotive made in Germany.

With this particular rail, you’re in a position to go through the famous railroad trail in the town of Solo, which is on the surface of the Slamet Riyadi road. This train requires charters in courses to acquire a one-way trip. If you’d like to use this train support, then you’ve got to book a week before considering that running this train demands special preparation.

Are you planning to visit Solo soon? Find out more about Solo and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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