5 Natural Tourism Spot in Jakarta

Seeing natural spots has come to be a fad recently as travelers favor outdoor places for their excursions.  With lush green landscape and fresh air, the excursion might be a healthful experience too.  For Jakarta residents, below are a few of the best organic places that you see.

1.Taman Wisata Alam 

Taman Wisata Alam Mangrove or Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk is a portion of this Angke Kapuk woods area That was decided based on the Decree of this Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies Number 24 June 1, 1939, having a region of 99.82 hectares.  It’s possible to satisfy the wading birds, among those protected bird species in Indonesia.  Aside from being a tourist place, this forest is also an attempt to save the purpose of mangroves as a service system for individual life.

2. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

The playground is a synopsis of culture, together with nearly all facets of everyday life in Indonesia’s provinces encapsulated in separate pavilions together with all the collections of rumah adat as the illustration of Indonesian vernacular structure, clothes, dances, and customs are all depicted impeccably.  Aside from that, there’s a lake using a tiny of this archipelago in the center of it, cable cars, museums, Keong Emas Imax theater, a theater known as the Theater Tanah Airku, and other recreational amenities, such as parks, parks, and bird park, that make TMII among the most popular tourist destinations in town.

3.  Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is a 147 hectares park and residence to get 2.000 specimens and can be covered by over 50.000 trees.  The lands were created and constantly designed to be a top modern zoo in Jakarta city.   Laid out in a lush tropical atmosphere, rare creatures like crocodile, gorilla, orangutan, tapir, anoa, Sumatran tiger, the babirusa, and peacocks are given considerable space.  The oldest zoo in Indonesia is situated readily reachable through the Jakarta Outer Ring Road and TransJakarta.  Particular attractions for the kids comprise a Children’s Zoo, playground, and rides, together with the occasions of pony cart and ship rides on Ragunan lake.

Some restaurants you can enjoy while spending time with family and getting close with nature are also some restaurants.

4.  Betawi Cultural Village

Betawi Cultural Village is a place in South Jakarta that showcases Betawi culture: arts, architecture, customs, traditions, literature, folklores, clothes, culinary, and many others.  It’s a place of ​​approximately 289 hectares, adjacent to Jl. H. Pangkat) into the North; Jl.     Lapangan Merah (Red Square) into the East; near the boundary of DKI Jakarta Province and Depok City into the South; and Jl.  Mochammad Kahfi II into the West.  Produced as a”Cultural, Water, and Agro Tourism” region, the Betawi Culture Village includes a stunning and appealing all-natural environment that’s uncommon at the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.  It boasts two natural lakes, Setu Babakan and Setu Mangga Bolong, surrounded by the green and shady fruit trees indigenous to the Betawi regions, like harps and starfruits rambutans, sapodillas, melinjos, papayas, bananas, guavas, jackfruits, and namnams.  These trees grow on the people’s front lawns, or adjacent to and one of the homes.  The trees and lakes are one of the tourists’ important attractions for both international and local.

5.  Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation is the largest tea plantation in West Java and the favorite place for tourists out of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, and the environment.  The region provides a refreshing and cool atmosphere with temperatures around 18°-22° plus a height of between 80°-120° m over sea level.  The absolute most preferred activity to do this is tea walking while appreciating the aesthetic scene of tea plantation mountains.

You might also see the conventional procedure for choosing tea leaves, directed by a local guide.  Horse riding and paragliding are also some action choices you can do this here.

Ready to start your getaway to Jakarta? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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