Wakatobi Snorkeling Trip: Watch Sea Life You Can’t See Everywhere

It’s an incredible opportunity for this Wakatobi snorkeling tour. This region is renowned for having some of the richest, safest coral reefs and the most biodiversity available on Earth. Wakatobi is truly one of the best places on our list for snorkeling in the world.

What’s Snorkeling, such as at Wakatobi?

Located in the geographic center of the Coral Triangle, the seas of this archipelago are one of the most biodiversity on the planet. Wakatobi has a high number of fish and coral species, so the reptiles are great fun to explore. Wakatobi Resort is the right place for a snorkeling trip. You have unlimited access to this house reef during your stay and 90-minute boat snorkel sessions every day of the week. The underwater topography surrounding the hotel makes it perfect for snorkeling using the shallow shelves that house seagrass and miniature coral bombs – providing shelter for filefish, anthias, juvenile triggerfish and creatures such as Blue Ring Octopus and frogfish. It is normal to wrestle with cuttlefish and also to watch pipefish on shallow house reefs. Head to the top of the reef to the liveliest part of your marine life, like reef fish in prosperity. This is an area where the existence of fish gather and gather together before the wall falls into the depths. Experience huge numbers of fish while diving with this wonderful trip. Witness marine life that you can’t see anywhere. In gloomy places, you’ll find possibly larger pelagic species along with roaming turtles.

Certainly among the most unique home flora for any hotel venue on the planet, this magnificent pool and walls provide flexible snorkelling opportunities throughout the night and day. Wakatobi also provides great support for snorkelers – all excursions are accompanied by a professional and experienced guide in the marine life around the mainland. Your equipment is loaded on board that day for you personally, and snacks and towels are all provided on board. Staff are on hand to help with water entry and exit, and most snorkeling sessions have surface assistance to ensure your safety. While snorkeling at the reef house, employees wait for the pier, preparing to collect snorkelers from the private “taxi” boat.

Snorkeling on the Home Reef, by Boat, also at Night!

The huge anemone with its own resident anemone fish and damselfish is a treat to see in Wakatobi. This experience will not lack for a variety of dives or periods in the water! Wakatobi has perhaps the best home reef for snorkeling anywhere on the planet. And you’ll have unlimited access to the house reef just off the beach overlooking Ocean Bungalow. While the home world is amazing, we have entire national marine parks to research. So your team and leaders can venture out twice a day to explore nearby landmasses, each with its own distinct marine life and underwater topography. You will also have the opportunity to do a bit of night snorkelling at the hotels around the harbour.

Wakatobi Resort is completely excluded

Regardless of its location, this hotel provides a beautiful and luxurious stay, built-in track with the surrounding environment with ethically and locally sourced materials and labor. They also provide you with other creature comforts, such as a spa. All meals are included and served at the Beach Restaurant. The food at the hotel is elegant, and skilled chefs combine new ingredients to create a variety of Indonesian, Asian and global dishes. All special dietary needs will be catered for (vegetarian, vegan, fermented, etc.). And at the end of the afternoon, Jetty Bar provides the perfect place to photograph Wakatobi’s beautiful sunsets and watch the stars come up, along with your favorite drink — make sure it’s wine, cocktails, juice or beer. This is a small group trip and we anticipate it to fill up quickly.

Your place is booked along with your deposit. Contact Ben below for deposit instructions. Fees: $5075 US per individual (Twin/Double Chat ) In the 12 months before death, there is US$600 per individual deposit, and also in six months, there is still another US$1000 per certain deposit. Several payment options are available such as debit cards and charge cards.

Ready to start your getaway to Wakatobi? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, don’t miss out on the magic!

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