Best ATV Tires for Maximum Fun This Summer

For most ATV accessories and parts, there isn’t much to think about. If something happens to cause a part to break or need replacement, you simply head over to your local supplier and purchase the correct replacement. Unfortunately, when it comes to ATV tires, the selection isn’t always so easy.

Selecting Replacement Tires

Selecting replacement tires is about knowing your riding style and understanding appropriate sizing. If you prefer riding the mud trails or rock terrains, you don’t want to purchase a sand tire, the treads won’t be deep enough, and the durability won’t be either. Additionally, if you plan to drive your ATV on the road, you need to make sure your tires are street legal.

Once you know the style of tires you want, you will need to select the correct size. For example, while you might want Kenda Bear Claw tires, it is not enough to assume your ATV has the same standard sizing as every other ATV on the market, even those with the same engine size. To be sure of your tire size, you will need to check the stock recommendations. The recommended sizes will typically fall within a range, and you will want to stay in that range.

ATV Tires Made to Tackle Sand!

Many ATV tires look similar. Sure, some will have deeper treads than others, but a tire looks like a tire for the most part. However, that is not the case with a sand tire. Sand tires tend to look like rubber wheels with oars or paddles attached.

The paddle treads are designed to scoop sand out of the way, essentially digging into the surface and flinging the sand backward to propel the ATV forwards. The design of these tires means that they are not suitable for any other type of riding. Attempting to use sand tires on different terrain is dangerous because the design is thin and light. Plus, the paddles create problems for maneuvering on other surfaces, often resulting in sliding.

If you are interested in sand riding, you should purchase tires for that purpose. For example, ITP Sand Star or CST CS-22 Sandblast are two excellent tire models.

Why Kenda Bear Claw Is the Best All Terrain Tire

If you are not sure what kind of riding you will do with your ATV, you should pick up a decent set of all-terrain tires. The Kenda Bear Claw tires are considered one of the best on the market, if not the best.

The tire is thought to be superior because of the tread pattern. The treads have a vertical pitch that contributes to the steering response, and the center lugs provide the necessary traction. Both attributes are a must for rugged trail riding.

Are you currently in the market for new ATV parts or tires? If you would like some help finding the best items for your vehicle, consider talking to a qualified representative and an ATV parts supplier. They can help you find the right size tires or the best parts for your machine.

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