Here are Few Interesting Facts to know about Houseflies

Houseflies are the most annoying insects. Not only their buzzing sound is irritating, but they are also carriers of several diseases. It is a nuisance in food cooking and manufacturing sectors, and thus they need to use all essential preventive methods to drive the flies away.

One such applicable safe method is fixing fly screens for doors and windows at home. You can contact the screen manufacturers, who are popular for designing durable, safe and easy to maintain kind of fly preventing screens. They provide screens designed for commercial kitchens and food packaging places. Once, you fix the screen, there won’t be any stress over providing quality food to your customers. Just contact Pioneer Screens ltd through their official website.

Now, houseflies are interesting insects often trying to trouble other living beings. You can know more in detail about them to understand their habit to prevent their hindrance while keeping your place hygienic and safe.

Here are the fascinating facts about houseflies:

  • They prefer liquid diet. They can only suck and can’t chew any food particles. They eat by breaking the food particles by regurgitating digestive juices over them. The process applied by houseflies to fulfil their hunger is known as proboscis. That literally means to drink the meal.
  • They taste the food using their feet. Their feet act as receptors of tasting the food where the flies sit to have their meals.
  • They can defecate at any place. Their digestive system is weak, thus they defecate often polluting the environment.
  • They adapt unhygienic breeding conditions. They lay their eggs on decayed organic materials, faeces and rotting carcasses.
  • Their breeding, feeding and defecating makes the living conditions for human beings unhygienic and this can lead to many ailments. It is mainly because they come in contact with harmful bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella. They contaminate the food and drink. Thus, people consuming the contaminated food feel sick.
  • They can walk upside down. Yes, they are the tiny gymnastics as they can walk in any directions, upside and even move downside with ease.
  • The flies are able to see behind them. This is possible because of their compound eyes that helps them to view all things by rotating eyes. Although their eyes don’t move, they are able to sense danger and navigate their move rightly.
  • They don’t live long. They have maximum of thirty days lifespan. The best part is that in short period of time they fulfil every stage of their life. Houseflies can lay 500 eggs in their life time. They usually lay 70 to 150 eggs at a time, thus give rise to lot of flies.
  • They react in fraction of seconds. They can guess danger and fly away instantly. Thus, flies fly away even before we catch them.

Houseflies can also spread diseases and thus, it is best to prevent them from entering our home. You can do this by using various preventive methods. Fix your fly screens to enjoy insect and fly free environment at home.

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