Make Your Team and Play Fantasy Cricket

Coronavirus disease has put the whole nation on hold, threatening the lives of millions of people. To prevent the virus from spreading, the Indian government imposed a nationwide lockdown. People are forced to stay at home and killing time seems like a hard task for them. In this situation, only technology can be procured us. As we all know, Cricket attracts a growing number of people and have a sizeable fan base in India. Even though there are various games for sports fans but cricket always holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Now, people can play cricket games online with ease. Fantasy cricket play online can be an excellent way to experience the thrills of real cricket while exerting less physical efforts.

To participate in fictional cricket, one must be familiar with the benefits of the game. With the help of this knowledge, a person would know how to play the game and can also win fantastic prizes. Some of the benefits of playing the game are:

  • Refer & Earn: By referring this app to your friends and families can help you earn great cash prizes and fantastic gifts. You can refer the application an unlimited number of times to your friends. Each time that of your referrals plays, you will win rewards for the rest of your life till you play the game.
  • Instant Withdrawal: There is an instant withdrawal option in all fantasy games as they are linked with multiple payment methods. It makes it easier for all as different people prefer different applications. You can link any of the applications, according to your preference, to withdraw the money which you have earned as a reward. 
  • Weekly Task: Every Week is the opportunity to win fantastic prizes. All the players who play these fantasy games receive a task that they have to complete in a limited period.  If they complete that task at that particular time then only they will be eligible to win the rewards. After every week, the task gets refreshed and everyone has to restart the task from starting.
  • Cash backs & Offers:  Fantasy games allow you to get your money back if you have spent any in the game. Also, it helps you to earn more exciting offers and rewards. As many fantasies games provide you with several arrays of offers to win extra cash-back and prizes.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket Online

To begin the online gaming adventure, one must first understand the basic game rules to win the game. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Registration: The registration process is the first and most critical step. To participate in a fantasy cricket league, you must first register.
  • Select a Match: After completing the registration process, one should choose a match to play and then click Join Now.
  • Select a Fantasy Squad: The next step is selecting a fantasy Squad. One should select an eleven-player Fantasy Squad, featuring Wicket Keeper, Batsmen, all-rounders, and Bowlers, with a fictitious fund of 1000 Gems selected from all-league players.
  • Select two distinctive members from Fantasy Squad: After making a fantasy squad, Choose two distinct members of the playing eleven from among all the entertainers, namely the Captain and Vice-Captain. Since the captain earns two points and the vice-captain receives one and a half, this is crucial for victory.

As soon as the live match starts, your Fantasy Squad starts gaining points based on the actual performance of the Players you selected. The final points, rankings, and winners are declared after the match.

How to Win the Cricket Match

It’s important to win a match because it feels incredible. Winning is an easy way to boost one’s confidence because it serves as a kind of affirmation. A win indicates that the game was correctly played. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to win the game:

  • Select the Batsmen: The squad must consist of at least three and up to six batsmen. Look through the players’ records to see who is in good condition. It is not a smart idea to choose all of your openers from the same team. One individual from each team should be chosen. Select batsmen who are also capable of bowling. You will be able to earn more points as a result of this.
  • Select the Bowlers: Choose a minimum of three and a maximum of six bowlers to make up the team. The number of bowlers needed is determined by the pitch. For the bowling pitch, choose four to six bowlers, and three bowlers for the batting pitch.
  • Select the all-rounders: You’ll need at least one and up to four all-rounders to bring together the team. All-rounders can score from both the bat and the bowl. It is not a smart idea to choose an all-rounder who is just good at batting. Choose someone capable of both batting and bowling. Captaincy or vice-captaincy should be assigned to at least one All-Rounder.
  • Select the Wicket Keeper: To form the unit, you must select at least one Wicket Keeper and a maximum of four. Wicket Keepers are captivating players because they can score and keep wickets at the same time. Select a keeper who is able of both keeping and batting and is always allowed to bat.
  • Select the Captain and Vice-Captain: Since Captain receives two points and Vice-captain receives one and a half into points, choosing Captain and Vice-captain wisely will affect the outcome of the game. Never choose the Captain and Vice-Captain from the same team because the chances of two players from the same team doing well are very low.

However, the IPL Fantasy League app apk is intended to provide safe and convenient ways for Indians to participate in fantasy sports. You have complete control over whether you play with a paid or free app. Fantasy cricket is a technique game that is completely legal in India and does not come under the category of gambling. This is a fantastic opportunity to win while still playing your favourite games just by obeying certain guidelines.

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