What is 3D modeling? What are the benefits of using 3D?

When it comes to visualization, it truly impacts the user’s reaction. 3D modeling software helps the graphic designer in his work to create a 3D design and offer a real idea to the client. 3D means the vision of an object or space in its three dimensions – depth, width and height. When working with this technique, several aspects are taken into account, such as light, shadows, reflections and texture, etc. These 3D designs are used for creating eye-catching graphics, movies, animations, games, virtual reality, etc. In other words, the reality of 3D design is increasingly common in modern industry. 

What is 3D design for?

The construction and real estate companies use it to give the client the most realistic possible idea of ​​the homes they offer. The 3D design is used in many movies to impact the public. Without 3D design, many video games like The Sims 4 would not be possible. The 3D model is widely used for interactive representations of anatomy. However, 3d modeling software is mostly used by the interior designers and architects.

There are various products available in the market. One of them is Foyr Neo. It is an intuitive tool for planning home design and decoration, including 3D modeling.If you want to surprise your clients with an exclusive 3D design, Foyr Neo is the right tool.

Differences between 3D and 2D design

The 3D design is generated from a process, which is done on the computer, of mathematical calculations on geometric shapes in three dimensions. However, the purpose of the 2D model is to get a view in two dimensions. It can be viewed in print or on screen. The 3D design achieved through computers is known as CAD, which stands for Computer Aided Design. It has programs to create 2D and 3D drawings. 2D drawing programs have vector geometric shapes. 

Types of 3D designs

Almost all 3D models can be divided into two universal categories –

1 – Solid Refers to 3D models that are rendered as a rock. In this way they define the volume of what they want to show. Be it an object, a person or a scene. They are the most realistic, but also the most difficult to build. Check SEACAD.

2 – Instead of showing the volume, CASE represents the surface of what is shown. For example, the outline of a glass instead of showing the entire glass, as if it were a shell. You work with these types of designs in science fiction.

3D imaging for marketing

Creating a three-dimensional image is not an easy thing, so if you are thinking of using 3D images for your marketing campaign, you should speak with specialized professionals who understand the necessary mathematical formulas. 

In this way, your company can use polygonal objects, different textures, shadows, transparencies, reflections, refractions, tonality, lighting, motion blur, point of view or depth of field to send the message you want. There are different programs to carry out this work. The best known is Foyr Neo. Not all programs serve the same purpose. Depending on the degree of complexity, one or the othercan be used.

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