Travel Tips for Solo Women Travellers

Today, many women prefer travelling alone. While the idea may seem exciting, you must not forget about the safe aspect. Read on to know more about tips to travel safely while traveling alone.

Travelling to a new place can be exciting. While some people enjoy travelling in a group with friends and family, others consider solo traveling more liberating. Many solo travellers have corroborated that traveling alone gives them the chance to truly engage with themselves and discover their true self.

As much liberating and alluring as it may sound, when you travel alone, you must not overlook the safety aspect. Here are a few valuable safety tips for solo women travellers.

Choose your destination wisely

The difference between having the most memorable travelling experience and a terrifying one depends greatly on the destination you choose. You may choose to travel to certain a place because you are fascinated by the images you may have seen in a magazine or would like to explore more about the culture or the history of the place. But, it is better to do a bit more research about the place, check if the place has no history of political turmoil, or if there are not looming concerns strikes, riots, etc.

Book your tickets early

You may have heard many stories where your friends or families were forced to cancel their holiday because they waited till last minute to book tickets only to find out eventually the train/flight was full. Nothing can be more disheartening than cancelling your much-anticipated trip. To avoid such unpleasant experience, it is advisable that you book airline tickets in India as soon as you choose your destination.  

Don’t overthink

When you are planning your solo trip, and especially if it is your first solo trip, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed thinking about how the trip will be. But, you must not overthink. While you must pay attention to detail and visualize the entire trip from departure to transfers to accommodation, etc, you must not get sceptical about anything.

It is better to be open to new opportunities that may arrive during your travel and have the least expectations of a destination. This will help you travel more freely and be relaxed throughout the trip.

Pack light

Packing the right stuff is vital to have a wonderful travelling experience. Make sure that you plan your packing well. Based on your destination and the activities you plan to do ensure that you have the right dress for it, from going to a club to hiking and swimming, get all your hells, boots, and dress.

Remember you are travelling alone and the last thing you want on a trip is carrying a heavy bag around all day and night. So, it is better to pack light. Get all your essentials, but avoid any extras thinking you may use it. The lighter your pack, the easier it is for you to carry and you can move around freely.

Keep your cash and documents safe

If you are travelling overseas, it is critical that you keep your passport and other important documents secure always. Make sure that you keep extra copies of all the papers as a back-up. And, always keep your cash secured in your bag or wallet. Don’t carry more cash than you need while you go out; and keep the rest safely in your hotel room. Most hotels, nowadays, offer a digital safe.

It is better to carry your cards rather than cash, it not only reduces the risk of theft but also helps you avoid unnecessary contact and keep yourself safe from the COVID-19 infection.

Keep your phone aside

Remember, you are on a holiday, and while you may have a busy life otherwise, you would want to make full use of your trip, right? So, to really relax, keep all your phone, laptop, aside and take a break from social media for a while. This will help you truly discover yourself and keep you away from unnecessary distractions.

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