5 Things You Must know About Singapore Culture


From businesspeople to students and just leisure travellers from India visit the country to get a taste of its unique culture. Read on to know about a few important things about the Singapore culture before you arrive in the city.

Singapore is often equated with cleanliness and fines. One of the most buzzing and busiest cities in Asia, Singapore is a massive melting pot of global cultures. It is a metropolitan in the truest sense and while here you are here you can get glimpses of various cultural influences. From British to Chinese, the city has embraced different cultures and gives out a unique vibe that you may not experience anywhere in the world.

If you are looking to travel for a holiday from Delhi to Singapore, here are a few important things to know about the city’s culture.


Being under colonial British rule for a long time, the Brits have had a massive influence on the local culture. One of the best examples is the sprouting of a new local language known as Singlish, which has now become a part of Singapore’s unique heritage. Popular musicians such as Shigga Shay have used it and Singlish influence can be seen even in some of the literary works.


For a city, as small as Singapore with limited resources, education has become instrumental for the citizens to have a bright future. The Singapore government holds education very highly and has invested a significant amount in making the city one of the top-notch educational hubs in the world. The result is that there are many renowned universities here and they attract several students from all over the world, especially from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and the Middle-east.

A ‘fine’ city

One of the most important pieces of information you must have about Singapore is that the city is notorious for handing out fines. While you are in the city, you can chew gum, or smoke anywhere you like. You must always look out for warning signs where you cannot smoke. Or, else you would end up paying a hefty fine. Also, the city is extremely serious about its cleanliness and has zero-tolerance towards littering. So, always be careful about throwing that wrapper or spitting in the public. It is also important to note that all types of car and motorcycle insurance is compulsory in Singapore so if you are renting a car or a motorcycle, make sure it is covered under whatever the relevant insurance coverage is for that particular vehicle


For a city that works hard round the clock, Singapore loves to party hard as well. It has a buzzing nightlife with many clubs, and bars that are open till wee hours. Both locals and tourists frequent the places to party till late night and unwind. Also, the supermarkets and fast food chains remain open 24×7. So, you can always get anything you want even at odd hours.


Lastly, and more importantly when you are in the city, learn to queue up. With a large population, you may see people lining up at the supermarket, train stations, public transports, etc. Singapore has a reputation for being organised and being disciplined and it is no wonder that even while the entire city is always in a rush, they always queue up. Even when taking an escalator, you can see people forming a line on the left, leaving room for those in a rush.

So, if you are keen to take the next flight but not sure how to book Delhi to Singapore flight. Here are a few tips:

·         It is better to book your tickets in advance (at least 60-90 days) before the actual travel date. This will help you get tickets at an affordable price.

·         Compare the ticket prices from different third-party websites or comparison websites but make sure to book your ticket from the official airlines’ website. This is because the third-party websites levy a service fee, which increases the total fare.

·         Be flexible with your travel dates and airline preferences. This will help you get the best deal on the ticket bookings.

·         It is better to avoid travelling during the weekends. Generally, the airways offer cheaper tickets during the weekdays.

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