Fashion trends from different cultures and ethnicities continue to become global. Many Eurocentric fashion trends have also been in demand in the current era of urbanization. Similarly, there is one country from Asia, which has been in the limelight for a few years now due to its extreme beauty standards. The nation we are talking about is South Korea.


One of the most popular fashion trends in South Korea is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in South Korea has been so popular now, that the nation has been termed as the plastic surgery capital of the earth. It receives more than 1 million people seeking cosmetic plastic surgery annually.

But what is the reason that cosmetic plastic surgery in South Korea is immensely popular? Well, the popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea is owed to the fact the citizens of the nation dwell in a competitive society. Half of the South Korean population lives in the capital of the country, Seoul. And that accounts for a high level of competition in the sector of employment. It is believed that physically attractive job aspirants have higher possibilities of achieving a higher status of employment and income. Also, plastic surgery in South Korea is so common that when students graduate, they receive plastic surgeries as graduation gifts frequently. It is very common for young women (from 18-30 years of age) to receive plastic surgery in South Korea.


You must be wondering what kind of plastic surgeries do South Koreans undergo? Well, there are a few cosmetic surgeries that are pretty popular among the Korean population. Some of them include skin whitening, a nose job, and double–eyelid surgery.

1.     Double eyelid surgery – This is the most popular plastic surgery in South Korea. This procedure is done in order to remove excess fat from around the eye to achieve an ideal double eyelid. This is done on both men and women. This surgery is internationally popular. Nearly 15 percent of all plastic surgeries are double eyelid surgeries. Most Koreans have a monolid, which gives their eyes a sleepy or tired appearance. The surgery also enlarges the eyes of the patient. This makes their face look fuller and makes their eyes bigger.

2.     Jaw reduction surgery – Jaw reduction surgery is performed to slim the chin and make it appear as a V-shaped chin.

3.     Nose job (Rhinoplasty) – Rhinoplasty, or nose job, as the name suggests, is done to make a pronounced nose bridge. Korean culture values the nose as an important feature of physical beauty and a higher nose bridge is always appreciated. Rhinoplasty provides that.

4.     Nowadays, Body Contour is also becoming popular in South Korea which provides the patient with a slimmer, desirable body. For females, this may also include breast augmentation and forehead augmentation.

Plastic surgery in South Korea is becoming pretty popular. It would be interesting to see what happens in the future as movements of #BodyPositivity are coming into action.

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