Training for a Marathon: 5 Tips for First-Time Marathon Runners

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It is said that there you are your own competition. Beating your own personal record is an incredible feeling, and is what many runners work towards—to feel that sense of accomplishment from getting closer to their improved self. It is no secret that consistency and hard work trumps talent, and it is the same when it comes to a marathon. Serious training is what will get you that medal as a token of your victory for enduring a marathon, though purchasing quality shoes and running accessories from a trusted running shop in Singapore is important as well!

Why Do People Run in Marathons?

A 26.2-mile race is definitely not for every person. Some may find marathons monotonous and boring, some may find it too strenuous a sport and some may just like fast, burst-type exercises like HIIT. Why do people run in marathons? Whether it is to tick it off their bucket list or to raise money and awareness for a cause, one thing is for sure: Marathon runners are strong-willed and motivated to finish what they started.

Singapore is a small country. If you are a seasoned marathon runner who regularly shops in running stores in Singapore, take the opportunity to say hi to shoppers in the running lane – They might just end up forming your marathon community you can train and grow with!

What to Wear for a Marathon Run?

  1. Running hat or shades

Some would choose running hats instead of shades since the brim of the cap already covers part of your face and shields it from the sun. However, if you do not like sweat pooling in your hair, you may choose to wear shades instead for your comfort.

  1. Moisture-wicking tank top or shirt

Shirts or tank tops made from a technical material that wicks sweat can help to keep your body temperature cool. You will definitely sweat buckets during a marathon, so you will want a lightweight top that dries easily as well for comfort while you run.

  1. Shorts with pockets

Pockets are convenient for keeping quick snacks like energy gel and trail mix for that much-needed energy burst!

  1. Anti-blister socks

Scars may be a symbol of a fighter, but blisters are not something you will want to get during a race. Anti-blister socks are the protective socks you need for times like this!

  1. Your trusted running shoes

All runners have one! However, you must also consider the surface that you would be running on. Purchase high-quality running shoes in Singapore with good grip that make them suitable for asphalt races or longer runs in an urban setting. Make sure they fit well!

5 Tips to Prepare for Your First Marathon

Running a marathon may seem like a huge undertaking, but as long as you’ve done the necessary training, you can take on the challenge. Here are five tips for your preparation:

1. Start running more and increase your distance with every run

Most first-time runners find it surprising that marathon participants start their training a year in advance. Little do they know that running every day helps in establishing a consistent base mileage which would help them to endure, or even introduce their body and mind to run 26.2 miles. To prepare for your first marathon, run shorter distances consistently to be physically and mentally ready.

2. Know your body, do not push too hard

Our bodies can adapt to changes, but only if done carefully. Pushing too hard on your runs could lead to serious injuries. Wanting to improve your running doesn’t mean you should do it every day. Cross training is useful for building both strength and endurance in marathon runners since running daily could lead to repetitive stress injuries.

3. Practise carbo-loading

Pre-race rituals are essential in boosting energy levels to prepare your body for a marathon run. Eating the right foods are essential to give you that boost. A strict carbo-loading diet three to seven days before the big day is what experts recommend for marathon runners. As much as possible, to familiarise your stomach with this regulated eating, ease into a high-carb diet with the guidance of a nutritionist months before the marathon.

4. Get more sleep on the week of your marathon 

A restful sleep enables your body to restore energy to take on the challenges the next day. With only a week before the marathon, plenty of sleep would supplement your running. Developing a relaxing bedtime ritual and turning off your phone when you’re in bed are good habits to get you those extra minutes of rest.

5. Recovery 

As mentioned in the four building blocks of marathon training, rest and recovery should also be part of your routine. The state of recovery allows your body to restore energy-producing enzymes inside the muscles and helps with the regeneration of your endocrine and immune systems. Therefore, rest allows your body to adapt to the training workload and reap fitness gains that prepare you for the miles of running that will be happening soon!

Preparing for a Marathon with Decathlon

It takes a strong mind and body to finish a marathon. That’s why only runners who have gone through stringent training should take them on. With Decathlon, you can reach that finish line. They have all the gear and accessories you need, from running tanks and shorts to cheap running shoes in Singapore.

Check out their website and shop their running shoes selection today. 

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