Red Rock Entertainment gets you closer to the stars

By putting resources into impending movies you could end up hobnobbing with cast individuals at film debuts, VIP honorary pathway occasions, or during voyages through film sets.


In a dystopian world, the final people on earth should depend on ingenious machines to save them from annihilation.

However, having assisted with building these man-made consciousness living things, when one escapes the underground exploration compound where it was made, lead researcher Eve Gabriel makes a stunning revelation that leaves her doubting her motivation throughout everyday life, her mortality, and the eventual fate of humanity itself.

Presently contrast this grim, cutting edge sci-fi film setting with a strained and activity-pressed period dramatization set during the New Zealand dash for unheard of the wealth of 1860.

After choosing South Island with her significant other, rich British lady Charlotte Lockton sees her life self-destruct when her family home is assaulted and her child hijacked.


Anguish was stricken and in isolation in another outskirt, the troubled mother should now leave on an unsafe excursion into the wild. Yet, will a gathering with a baffling and appealing outsider carry her closer to reality? What’s more, will she, at last, be brought together with her child?

Both of these fascinating free movies, Genesis and The Stolen, have been made and driven by the cream of British acting, composing, coordinating, and creation ability – yet additionally vitally by an inventive and groundbreaking organization, Red Rock Entertainment.

Red Rock, based at Elstree Film Studios, is a speaker of Film investments organizations that just get things going. Assisting with powering the development of the flourishing British Film Industry, Red Rock works intimately with a scope of local film organizations, going about as monetary leader makers, presenting reserves required for the creation and circulation of free film projects.

Red Rock is profoundly specific about the chances it acquaints with financial specialists, guaranteeing the film account organizations in its portfolio have solid business bids, an unmistakable objective crowd, and stick unbendingly to budgetary and time limitations.

The organizations have a scope of speculation openings accessible, including Equity and Distribution choices, Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS), and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), that can present to 50 percent or 30% expense help individually.

Red Rock realizes that the advantages of putting resources into the film far surpass simple film industry takings, with DVD and Blu-Ray deals, authorizing to TV channels and online telecasters, and promoting income all adding to the potential for returns and long haul profit that could last you a lifetime.

There will never be been a superior opportunity to put resources into the British entertainment world, with late figures from the British Film Institute featuring an enormously productive market with a turnover of £7.3bn, an abundance of imaginative ability, and large name entertainers – including Keira Knightley and James McAvoy – who dispatched their professions in little autonomous British-made motion pictures, and various honors.

Beginning, The Fall of Eden, highlights John Hannah, celebrated for featuring in Four Weddings and a Funeral and the Mummy Trilogy, and entertainer Olivia Grant, who showed up in Stardust. Both went to a private screening for speculators on Friday, November 3.

The Stolen, which was recorded in the Christchurch territory of New Zealand the previous summer, stars British entertainer Alice Eve (Starter for 10, Star Trek: Into Darkness) and faction entertainer John Davenport (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Pirates of the Caribbean). The time frame picture will have its debut in London’s Covent Garden toward the beginning of November, before its overall delivery. What’s more, as a financial specialist you could be hobnobbing with stars like these at film debuts, VIP honorary pathway occasions, or during voyages through film sets. You could likewise see your name on the big screen during film credits and appreciate elite example stock – and that is excluding all the potential expense alleviation advantages of placing your cash into this energizing and imaginative industry. Discussion about alluring profits for your speculation!

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