5 Easy Snacks You Can Make With Your Mixer Grinder

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Good food is the perfect solution to everything. Whether it is a tiring day at work, a weekend with a pile of college assignments or a get-together, the centre of attraction remains the same; mouth-watering and delicious food.

While there are innumerable cuisines, there is one common thing that is loved by everyone. You guessed it right. Snacks are the favourite among all. Easy to make and a compliment to the taste buds. But not having the right set of home appliances might make the preparation a tedious job. So having an electric mixer grinder equipped with modern technology and superior features is a necessity. It makes the process easier and also assists you in making the food tastier and yummier. Given below are five easy snacks that you can make with your electric mixer grinder.

Batters For Idlis Or Dosas

If you love South Indian food, then preparing the batter for idlis and dosas is just a matter of a couple of minutes. You need to soak the idli rice and methi for some 6 hours and urad dal in a separate bowl for roughly 4 hours. The next step is to drain the water and put the soaked ingredients into your electric mixer wet grinder which comes equipped with special blades for this very purpose. Once the batter is ready, you need to cover it and place it in a warm place for almost 9 hours. Post that, add salt to the batter and mix it well. 

For preparing Idli, you can take a scoop and place it in the steamer, and for dosa, you can spread the batter on a pan. Serve it with hot sambar, and your perfect south Indian snack is ready.

Refreshing Sorbets

Everyone loves sorbet. But the craving increases with the arrival of scorching summer heat. If you have guests at your home and you are confused about how to welcome them, then you should use your electric mixer grinder

All you need to do is pick your favourite fruits and some ice cubes and place them in the jar. You can add sugar for sweetness, but if you want to avoid sugar, then you can go with honey or maple syrup. Turn on your electric mixer grinder, and your healthy sorbet is prepared. 

While choosing an electric mixer grinder, you must consider features like Motor Vent-X technology for enhanced air circulation, overload protection, stainless jars and stainless steel blades. These features will make sure that you are buying the best mixer grinder.

Homemade Masalas

Snacks are incomplete without the perfect blend of masalas. Masala is the key ingredient of every Indian snack and having an electric mixer grinder to blend the masalas finely is a must in every kitchen. 

It is important to have a best mixer grinder with MaxiGrind Technology that not only provides fine grinding but also saves time. Crompton offers the best Indian mixer grinder that comes with modern technology and elegant design.

Different Kinds Of Chutneys

Whether it is Momo or Samosa, a dip of chutney is a must-have on the plate. With an electric mixer grinder, making chutney is extremely easy. Transfer all the ingredients into the jar and switch on the electric mixer grinder, and your delicious chutney is ready within minutes.


Smoothies are nutritious and delicious. Preparing a glass of smoothie is extremely convenient with an electric mixer grinder. All you need to do is put the fruits in the jar and switch on the electric mixer grinder. If you want to make a pre-workout shake, then adding a scoop of protein powder will make it healthier.

Having an electric mixer grinder will solve all your problems and save your time in the kitchen. However, selecting the best mixer grinder might be a bit difficult, but with Crompton electric mixer grinders such as Ameo Neo, all your worries will be at bay. Crompton’s wide range of products makes it the best Indian mixer grinder. It is reliable and provides the best features. 

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