Wireless Mouse: A New Technology Is All Over in The Market

The wired mouse has always been a stressful and unwanted headache. They get tangled on most occasions and cause a problem. You can get rid of these wires. Bluetooth Mouse is the new technology and can be used in laptops, notebooks and desktops, and smartphones. Pretty easy to use but a bit expensive. However, giving away a few extra bucks to get rid of headaches would not be a bad idea. The wireless technology allows different users a fast connection between laptops and mobile devices.

Functions Of Wireless Mouse And Wired Mouse

Wireless mouse uses a built-in Bluetooth connection to your laptop. This type of connection needs no additional dongle but connects directly to your laptop using a USB cable. Such types of mouse work on RF technology and operate at a range of 2.4 GHz. 

There are two types of Bluetooth mice available for the users which are; Radio Frequency (RF) and Bluetooth. The difference between RF and Bluetooth Mouse is that Bluetooth uses a transmitter, on the other hand, an RF mouse requires a USB dongle to connect.

Pros and Cons of a Wireless Mouse


  • Wireless mouse uses less battery as compared to wired mouses.
  • If you struggle to deal with fewer ports then it is highly recommended to go for it. It might solve the issue of a smaller number of ports.
  • Sometimes, the signal problem would be an issue that you have to deal with but overall, it is the best choice if you operate from a given range.
  • If click sounds bother you, then you have the luxury to go for a noiseless wireless mouse as well.


  • They are expensive than wired mouses but the quality would be an A-class.
  • Wireless mouse best suits gamers.

Range and Data Transmission Rate of Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse supports the range of ten meters which is approximately 33ft. Some devices are also there which are considered to be more powerful and have a larger area connectivity range. However, ranges might vary depending upon the features of the device.

Choosing A Bluetooth Mouse That Best Suits You

  • Right before buying a wireless mouse make sure to ask these simple questions to yourself.
  • Make sure to choose a wireless mouse that would fit your needs. 
  • Identify yourself, are you a gamer, designer, writer, or just a normal user. 
  • Sometimes click sound does bother, so if you are not a great fan of sound you can opt for a noiseless mouse. It is also best for office work where click sounds do not annoy your co-workers.

Performance and Battery Backup

Battery backup is directly proportional to the features of the device. It depends on how many extra features do your device carries. The fewer features your device carries that means the more battery backup you will have. It’s better to opt for a device with fewer features to enjoy the battery life for a longer time. It goes the same for performance as well and keeping a pair of extra batteries will always be a smart choice.

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