FN Herstal Five-seveN (5.7) Review

The FN Herstal Five-seveN is an oldie but goodie. Although this pistol has been around for up to two years, it is still considered quite unique. The FN 5.7 is largely made of polymer, with some metal bit here and there so it is very lightweight. Even the magazine is made of polymer. This means it is very lightweight, measuring only 20.80 ounces. The dimensions of the Herstal semi-automatic are 5.7 inches by 1.4 inches by 8.2 inches. The barrel is only 4.8 inches. Although the pistol is mainly made of plastic, it is high-quality and will last you for some time. One of the things that sets the FN 5.7 apart is that it was designed to work with 5.7mm by 28mm rounds.

These are the same rounds that work with the FNP90 and PS90. These are not typical rounds. They have a light recoil and emits a little flame when you shoot, which, I guess, will appeal to some people. Another unique feature of the FN Herstal 5.7 is that it comes with three different magazines. There are three different magazines with three different capacities available for this firearm; 10, 20, or 30. The one that comes with the pistol can hold 20 rounds, plus one in the chamber.

The way the FN 5.7 Is loaded is similar to the loading style of the AR 15. You need to put the rounds in and slide it down. The position of the mag release on the FN 5.7 is exactly where it should be. You can easily access it with your thumb. The magazine release mechanism is very responsive. The mag pops out quickly, and never gets stuck. The safety switch on the FN 5.7 is ambidextrous. It is not place at the usual spot, instead it sits above the trigger guard.

The best way to access it is with your trigger finger. The position of the safety switch takes some getting used it, but it works just fine once you get a hang of it. The trigger on this FN pistol works smoothly, and resets nicely. There are serrations on the barrel to help you get a good grip when you need to slide. I should say that the slide release can be quite stiff, and you need to apply some pressure to release it. Under the barrel, there are picatinny rails to attach a light or laser. One of the off things I noticed about the FN 5.7 is that the trigger doesn’t work if there is no magazine in it.

Overall, whether you are firing at the range or hunting, the FN 5.7 is an excellent choice. You can get this firearm at an affordable price from budsgunshop.com. The firearms store is the number one place to get weapons and accessories in the U.S. Buds Gun Shop also has physical stores and gun ranges in Kentucky and Tennessee.

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