A New Kind of Car Odor Bomb

Once a car has bad odors, it can seem impossible to get them out. Typical car air fresheners may cover them up for a short time, but after the initial blast of freshener scent fades in a week or less, it’s easy to detect the underlying odor once more. Even worse, many bad smells are even more obnoxious once mixed with freshener scent. It’s clear that something else must be used to truly make a car smell neutral again. That something is a car odor bomb.

These odor bombs release a burst of chlorine dioxide, which is a sanitizer that is also used in applications like water purification, fruit and vegetable sanitization, and even mouthwash. It is a safe and effective substance that oxidizes particles of biological origin, and this makes it especially good at targeting substances that smell bad.

The actual use of this type of car odor bomb is simple. All you need to do is add water, shake, and then leave the open container inside of your car for a while. Close up your car during this period. The odor eliminator will begin to emit chlorine dioxide gas, which will fill the space and reach areas that cannot be adequately reached by typical cleaning methods. After a set time has passed, open your car back up and remove the spent odor bomb. You should notice that the vehicle smells much better now!

Since the chlorine dioxide is dispensed as a gas, it reaches areas that are otherwise inaccessible. This includes deep into carpet fibers, seating upholstery, and even some parts of the car’s air conditioning system. Of course, these areas should be cleaned first so that there are no big clumps of smelly material remaining. Then, set off the odor bomb to get the small particles that were left behind.

Common car odors, such as tobacco smoke, the lingering smell of forgotten fast food, pet odors, vomit, gasoline, flood smells, mold, mildew, and more are all vulnerable to chlorine dioxide treatment. Even better, this treatment doesn’t just cover up the smells. Since it oxidizes the actual particles that create the odors, the odors are truly eliminated. There is no need to worry about a lingering combination of the original odor and a “cover scent.”  

The amount of time it takes for odors to be eliminated depends on how strong they are. Typically, an exposure time of 4-24 hours is sufficient.  

If you notice an obnoxious odor in your car, don’t wait to get rid of it. Give the vehicle the chlorine dioxide treatment right away. Another good time to use this treatment is right before you sell your car. Potential buyers will be willing to pay more for a car that smells fresh and clean!

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