Six Culinary Destinations to Visit in Medan

Mixing a trip to Medan, North Sumatra, with a culinary experience is essential. The experience might even begin before lunchtime, especially when you have a nighttime flight from Jakarta to Medan. Shortly after landing, you can go directly to some Soto (soup) Medan joint for brunch, for instance.

Soto Medan Sinar Pagi

Soto Medan Sinar Pagi is also among the most well-known joints. Serving beef and poultry aromatic soup with a coconut milk base and seasoned with various herbs, including jojoba. The Soto could be eaten with rice, fried potato cake, and fish fritters.

If you discover the Soto for a promising introduction and care to continue with all the culinary experience, here’s a listing of just five destinations to take into account.

Durian Ucok

Medan is the perfect destination for durian fans. Also, Durian Ucok is where to go. Promoting durian all year round regardless of the year, Durian Ucok is located on Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim 30-32. If you choose to take home some durian, this famous store can vacuum package the durian meat for you. It’s handy without the casing, and it is easy to keep it in your checked bags.

Bihun Bebek Asie

A mix of rice vermicelli and well-seasoned duck meat has put Bihun Bebek Asie along with this go-to list for food in Medan. The eatery, established in 1930, can be located on Jl. Kumango 15. The duck’s rich flavor is balanced with fried, chopped garlic and completed with your selection of herbal noodles or broth.

RM Sipirok recommends Sipirok Restaurant, an eatery famous for its traditional Batak cooking, including bone marrow soup. As you might be aware, Batak people are the natives of North Sumatra. The restaurant is found on Jl. Sunggal 14. recommends mashed cassava leaves and anchovy sambal.

Lontong Kak Lin

Apart from Soto Medan, Lontong (rice ) Medan is another option for breakfast or early lunch. At Lontong Kak Lin in Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro around SMAN 1 Medan, toppings such as your rice cake comprises various veggies, boiled egg, fried chicken, saturated in yellowish soup, and sprinkled with crackers.

Tip Top Restaurant, Bakery, Cake Shop

This old-school style institution, built in 1934, is the area for you to get a few cakes and ice cream. Tip Top stands among Peranakan-style buildings around Jl. Ahmad Yani, No. 92 A-B. Its bread, cakes, cookies, and ice cream are all made using standard Dutch recipes. One of these is mocha tart, bitterballen (fried balls of flour and meat), and speculaas (spiced biscuit).

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