Forms Of Combat Lightsabers Used By Jedi

A battle between two Jedi is a sight that almost everyone is familiar with. But can you say you are just as familiar with the various combat lightsabers forms? if not, this rundown will tell you everything you need to know. With many different forms, it can sometimes get confusing.


Each form has a unique name assigned to it. In the case of form one, it’s Shii-Cho. Of all the forms of combat fighting, none is older than this one. The moves used in this form are a little rough compared to today’s because form one came at a time when lightsabers were slowly replacing metal swords. Any Jedi that started out learning this one was focused on the ultimate goal of using strikes of the lightsabers to disarm their opponents. Those that learned form one were taught that randomness and unpredictability are desirable traits to possess.


Improvements were made to form two, also known as Makashi because form one was seen as weak. Twight swordplay is the main goal of the Makashi form. The tighter the swordplay, the better the duel you get. One must be precise and fast in order to successfully pull off this form. It is most closely associated with fencing. Opponents would advance and retreat, just as they would in a fencing match. Light buts and parries are often used in this style of combat. Of those who practice Makashi, you are probably most familiar with Count Dooku.


Form three is often referred to as Soresu. In the Star Wars universe, there is no better way to defend yourself. In some ways, it is similar to Makashi. Both require the tightest swordplay possible. Soresu takes it a step further and incorporates dodging your opponent. Movement is the key to using this form of combat successfully. It helps a Jedi either outlast or triumph over their opponent. The main drawback of Soresu is that it does not incorporate any line of offense. When it comes to Soresu, no other Jedi used this form as successfully as Obi-Wan Kenobi did, against Anakin Skywalker.


The lack of offense built into Soresu inspired form four, Ataru. This is an aggressive form of fighting that puts a Jedi on the offensive. Ataru is perfect for those who have limited capabilities due to their age or physical size. It is best used when battling only one other opponent, as evidenced by Yoda’s use of it in a battle against Darth Sidious.

Djem So/Shien

Form five encompasses Djem So and Shien. It takes the features of forms three and four and builds on them. Its main goal is returning any attacks inflicted upon you and requires you to be physically strong. This form of combat was most famously used by a young Anakin Skywalker.

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