Finding Microblading Near Me

We all like to look our best but sparse or light colored eyebrows can make it hard to feel like you look great. With the help of microblading, you can get the look of thicker, fuller eyebrows that lasts for months and that looks fantastic. For those that are thinking about this procedure, a quick search of “microblading near me” is a great way to start.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a temporary tattoo of sorts where your professional esthetician uses a handheld tool to lightly embed ink into the skin in the shape of an eyebrow. The professional in charge of your procedure will first measure and mark your brows and make sure that the final look is what you are looking for.

After measuring and marking a topical numbing cream is added to the brow area to help lessen the pain that you might feel. Most report that the pain of microblading is a slight pinch or sting and that it is not overly intense or hard to deal with. Microblading allows the esthetician the ability to make small, hair like strokes that are more realistic and that look like individual hairs, which allows for a more realistic look than filling in your brows with a pencil or powder every day.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to sparse brows that lasts for up to two years. The process takes a couple of hours to complete and your brows take about a week to heal fully. The initial result immediately following the process is going to be a bit darker than the final result as the skin around the ink heals and sheds.

Microblading does fade as the cells turn over and regenerate. You should not have to have your brows redone entirely until about two years after the initial procedure and with routine touch ups you can keep your brows looking great until you decide to have them redone. This is a fantastic alterative to tattooing your brows, to filling them in every day, or trying to figure out some other method.

This type of brow can be very bold, it can be subtle, it can be used for those that have a great deal of brow hair or those that have little to no hair. This is truly a fantastic way to get your brows looking great so that you can cut that step out of your daily routine. This is a process that is going to save you time and help you look your best.

With the help of a great esthetician you can have the brows that you have always dreamed of and you can look and feel great about how you look and yourself.

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