5 Best Coworking Spaces for Startups and Small Businesses in Kolkata

Coworking is a rapidly growing concept taking the world by storm. In India we are currently seeing massive developments in coworking spaces. In Kolkata the very roots of coworking started in rustic Coffee Houses, where even today, you’d find poets, students, authors and artists discussing work together over their favorite appetizers. However, the modern coworking definition has been very well adapted by the netizens of Kolkata due to demand for more flexible work environments. Being the 7th most populated city in the nation, Kolkata has a surging number of millennials making their way into the corporate sector. This, in turn, has made several prominent organizations look for and encourage coworking culture to yield more productivity and better work-life balance.

Read here to learn what a typical day working in a coworking space is like.

The startup culture in Kolkata is well supported thanks to several programs and aides provided by the state and central government. This has led to a startup boom and produced some of the country’s most successful startups in the last few years, like ‘Wow!’, Momo (food startup), StockEdge (fin-tech), Drones Tech Lab (innovative drones and surveillance system startup), and many more. To be an innovative startup in Kolkata, one requires cost-effective workspaces with the latest peripherals and amenities, and that’s exactly where coworking comes in. Spread across the City of Joy (Kolkata) that cater to different entrepreneurs, startups, and large businesses, here are some of the most popular coworking spaces for startups:

1. Awfis:


One of the hippest coworking spaces in Kolkata, Awfis provides fully-furnished workspaces for entrepreneurs and startups alike. With all standard amenities like high-speed WiFi, cafes, photocopy and printing machines, Awfis is the perfect place for both outgoing workers and quiet, creative thinkers. The best part of Awfis is its value for money plan that fits all. Starting with a range of ₹450/- per hour for members, coworkers can access the full inventory of Awfis at the best locations of the city at Salt Lake, Rajarhat, Camac Street and AJC Bose Road.

In case you’re wondering what the ambiance is like, at Awfis colors pop in interesting ways with uplifting, inspiring, and beautiful lights adorning the place. Accessible throughout the week and even on public holidays, Awfis has tailor-made packages as per user preference.

2. Nwook:

Perhaps the only coworking space that is a startup in itself, Nwook is apt for startup owners and small businesses. Why? The swanky interiors, latest technological amenities and super-fast internet all contribute to make this coworking space a great cost-effective option. This is perhaps the only coworking space in Kolkata that allows its members to conduct tuitions, meetings and workshops. For membership packages, prices can range from ₹40/- per hour to  ₹80/- per hour.


To book a seat, simply log in to their website, confirm your details and choose a slot timing that suits your requirements. As soon as you reach the location you are given a wristband that helps in tracking the time spent inside the coworking space. Hot beverages are complimentary for all coworkers.

3. Coworkyard:

Since when has any innovation happened in a cubicle? According to recent studies, cubicles actually lessen our productivity hugely. Folks at Coworkyard believe in the same mantra and therefore the entire floor plan is open. The amenities include heating, air conditioning, high speed internet, standing desks, community halls, single and dual monitor setup and unlimited caffeine for coffee lovers.


The prices start from ₹4999/- per month, and given the amenities that come with this coworking space, it’s the perfect place for startups to flourish. Coworkyard is located at Park Street and is open every day except Sunday.

4. Regus

People who are familiar with the startup scene in Kolkata know how Regus coworking spaces are popular among startups. Located in four different locations like the Salt Lake, Camac Street, RDB Cinemas, and Arcadia, these high-end workstations are equipped with all the latest amenities, superfast WiFi, premium business lounges, lavish interiors, virtual offices. Be it part-time, full-time or even contractual basis, Regus provides membership plans for all.


The price of these workstations varies entirely based on the locations and amenities you select, and are quite budget-friendly given that there are always high-demand in booking seating spaces here. The per-hour charges range between ₹450/- to ₹780/- and can be further discounted upon coupons or membership perks.

5. Smartworks

Setting some serious coworking goals with its uber-cool workstations, Smartworks may appear to be a luxury co-working space at first, but the catch is: it’s super budget-friendly. From its breathtaking view of the Victoria Memorial at its Victoria Memorial location to its super-creative community at its Salt Lake center, Smartworks is the place to be for any startup entrepreneur for its contagious ideas, brainstorming and heavy networking opportunities. Their stellar amenities include sparkling interiors, high-end peripherals, high-speed internet, in-house cafe, in-house receptionist, and even a personal gofer to run errands for you!


If you’re one of the coworkers who need an equal balance work and play, Smartworks provides puppy therapy sessions, music sessions, for de-stressing and group activities like stand-up sessions, jamming sessions, etc.

Their coworking services start at ₹5,000/- per month and further escalate according to your requirements.


Until a few years ago, people of Kolkata chose cafés or gardens to collaborate and work combining on their passion projects. But, with heavy influence from millennials, traditional offices have transformed into a modern playground of work and hangout places—that are equally favored by freelancers and industries alike!

If you’re looking for a classic co-working space that’s located right in the middle of the industrial hub of Salt Lake that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, another upcoming coworking space worth considering is Zioks. Equipped with all high-end amenities, modern architecture designs, safe and secure systems for all members and even a daycare for single parents. Zioks will have a lot to offer, and will be worth checking out.

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