4 Super Cool Things Chemical Etching Can Do

The process of chemical etching has made great progress in society. First used for decorative crafting of armor and weapons in the Middle Ages, etching today has evolved in exciting ways. Thanks to advances in chemical etching technologies, we can now create tiny intricate parts that serve a complex array of functions that improve the quality of life and make new discoveries possible. Did you know that chemical etching can do these four super cool things?

1. Help Airplanes Fly

Airplanes have a ton of intricate metal parts, from electrical systems to air intake grills and everything in between. Photochemical etching serves an important role in making these parts that keep passengers safe while they fly. These parts are critical for safety functions such as de-icing and air circulation.

2. Make Spaceship Parts

Yes, you read it right! Photochemical etching plays an essential role for making spaceship parts, too. These parts must be made right the first time, and failure is not an option. That’s where chemical etching comes in – it allows metalworkers to create parts from hard metals without heat and re-hammering. There are also far fewer mistakes, which means the integrity of the metal is better preserved. That’s good news for the astronauts who depend on this equipment to survive!

3. Craft Essential Medical Devices

Metal implants used in life-saving medical procedures must be delicate and strong enough to withstand bodily fluids. The types of metals used for these tasks are also tricky to work with because they are so strong. Today’s chemical etching technologies provide a safer way for metalworkers to craft hard metals like titanium into medical devices. The result is a smooth and strong metal piece that is gentle enough to not cause internal damage to the body.

4. Keep Your Electronics Running

What do your smartphone, tablet, camera and video game console have in common? They all have a thin sheet of metal called a lead frame inside that helps conduct electricity. Chemical etching allows manufacturers to make a high volume of lead frames in the industry for electronic companies. It’s easier, cost effective, and works very well compared to other methods. So you could say that reading this blog post right now is made possible with the power of etching!

These are just some of the many things photochemical etching can do. It’s awesome, isn’t it? The process of how chemical etching is done has no doubt come a long way from decorating armor. And it looks like chemical etching is here to stay as the metalworking technique of the future. 

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