Types of Outpatient Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

Dealing with an alcohol addiction takes a severe toll on your quality of life, but keep in mind that help is available. Outpatient programs for alcohol provide effective methods of overcoming this type of addiction. When you start looking into these programs, you’ll find that there are different kinds of outpatient rehab for alcohol. Knowing more about these varieties can help you find the right type of treatment for a successful recovery from alcohol addiction.

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab refers to a type of addiction treatment program that does not require staying at a facility. Unlike inpatient rehab, you don’t need to be away from home for many weeks at a time with outpatient rehab. This type of treatment is mainly appropriate for those who have a less severe alcohol addiction, since it does not provide around-the-clock care, support, and supervision. Instead, you’ll be able to live at home and go to outpatient therapy as scheduled. This kind of program can be beneficial if you still have to work in addition to going through rehab.

Traditional Outpatient Rehab

Traditional outpatient rehab offers standard care for those who are working on addiction recovery. This type of program often includes individual therapy, group therapy, or both. Those who are in traditional outpatient rehab are typically people who have already been through an inpatient treatment program and still need support and care at a lower level. This type of treatment can also be used for those who have a mild alcohol addiction. The length of time for these outpatient programs can vary, but it depends on factors such as how severe an alcohol addiction is.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Intensive outpatient rehab for alcohol provides a higher level of care for those who have this type of addiction. With this kind of program, those with an alcohol addiction often have therapy sessions more often or for a longer period of time compared to traditional outpatient rehab programs. Intensive outpatient rehab programs might also include other services that help individuals fully recover. These programs can be used for those who don’t need inpatient treatment or detox services. The length of time that intensive outpatient programs last also differs from one person to the next depending on certain factors.

Finding the Right Program

Which outpatient program is right for you? This will depend on how severe your alcohol addiction is, whether or not you need inpatient rehab, and other factors. Having a professional evaluation done can help determine which type of outpatient rehab program would work best or whether or not you need inpatient treatment instead.



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