Introduced Tube Lights – Cost, Safety and Savings Factors

Energy-efficient Introduced Lights will lower your lighting power bill by no under 55% and around 88% in several installations.

Obtainable in many colour temperatures including warm white-colored-colored-colored, awesome white-colored-colored-colored and daylight, Introduced Lighting is robust in design, require significantly less maintenance (ongoing and substitute) are flicker free, fade resistant and dimmable.

Different in space from 600mm to 1500mm, most Introduced tube lighting is mercury, lead and phosphorous free, that’s much safer for individuals and our atmosphere.

Obtaining a payback period generally of under 24 several days for Introduced tubes and 12 several days for typical 50w halogen substitute LED’s, combined with the manufacturer’s substitute warranty, Introduced tube lights represent the most recent advancement in ecological lighting technology and they are in the very highest quality with many different more Introduced products being introduced to advertise daily. Some really have a very payback length of under yearly.

Expelling minimum heat, energy-efficient Introduced light tubes may also be helpful you will save around 20% in the air-conditioning power costs as fluorescent tubes and ballast produce immeasureable heat! (This is often on the top within the savings within the lighting power bill.)

TECHNICAL Understanding

Introduced Tube Lights require no ballast or starter. Traditional fluorescent light tube fit-outs frequently incur total circuit failure when only one ballast within the circuit overheats and burns out, because no ballast in essential for Introduced tube lights, total circuit failure for this reason won’t ever occur.

Are You Aware?

Soon, you’ll be billed a (per tube) fee for disposal in the existing fluorescent light tubes due to the toxic waste content within the tubes. With Introduced lights, there’s no disposal fee!

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